E-PPRENTICE – E-Learning for Professional Trades Training on your time!

Are you looking for a way to earn a certification as a skilled tradesperson, but also to reduce your expenses and time away from work and your home community? Are you an employer or training provider trying to figure out how this program works or how you can get involved? If your answer is yes, then keep reading to find out more.

E-PPRENTICE program options allow students to access technical training for some trades programs through innovative, flexible delivery models – often including interactive media and e-learning components. The e-learning component of the program reduces time away from the apprentices’ community and employer to better address the needs of apprentices and their employers. E-PPRENTICE does not replace traditional trades training, but is offered in a coordinated fashion as a more flexible option for learners who prefer an alternative style of learning, or who cannot afford to take extended periods of time away from their job or family to attend a public post-secondary institution.

“Our goals with the E-PPRENTICE flexible learning program are simple,” says Jessi Zielke, Senior Lead at the Industry Training Authority. “We want to boost the number of apprentices who complete their training and reach professional certification. We believe that by offering an e-learning option many more apprentices will be able to access this valuable education.”

“E-learning has proven effective in many areas of teaching and learning and we are seeking the optimum flexible-learning blend to realize tangible benefits for technical training components of trades programs”, says Lawrence Parisotto, E-PPRENTICE program Director at BCcampus. “We are hopeful that this program will help boost professional trades certifications in the province by giving people the flexibility they need to complete their training.”

Zielke emphasizes that several different grants, bursaries and funding options may be available for eligible apprentices through the BC-Canada Labour Market Agreement. LMA funding may potentially cover equipment, supplies, travel, accommodation and tuition, so it’s important for a learner to check out his or her eligibility. Learners can visit the Grants and Funding page on the E-PPRENTICE website.

Currently E-PPRENTICE offers technical training for Automotive Service Technician through Vancouver Community College, with training for Professional Cook Level 1 through Camosun College, Automotive Collision Repair through Vancouver Community College and Welder Level C through the Piping Industry Apprenticeship Board (PIAB) commencing in early 2010. Additional trades such as carpentry, electrician, and millwright are anticipated to be offered by 2010, depending on the outcome of the current RFP round.

For more information check out the E-PPRENTICE website

Lawrence Parisotto

Director, Flexible Learning for Trades Training (E-PPRENTICE)
lparisotto [at] bccampus [dot] ca

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