Building Community

Teaching and learning, open practices, and collaborative activities are at the heart of what we do at BCcampus. As facilitators and conveners of these essential practices, we create channels to listen and engage with the communities we serve, gaining insight and direction that we can use to inform the work we do across the province. Having an advisory committee who can help us understand the needs of our system is vital to our work. The members of the BCcampus Advisory Committee are:


  1. Amanda Coolidge, Director, Open Education
  2. Vacant, Director, Collaborative Projects
  3. Erin Beattie, Manager, Marketing and Communications
  4. Mary Burgess, Executive Director
  5. Tracy Roberts, Director, Learning and Teaching


  1. Aruna Gore, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Dean, Career Training (Justice Studies)
  2. Chad Flinn, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Learning Technology Trainer
  3. Chad Thompson, College of New Caledonia, Vice President, Academic
  4. Claire Hay, University of the Fraser Valley, Specialist, Teaching and Learning
  5. Deloris “Piper” Piper, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Coordinator, Post-Secondary Communication Access Services, ACE-BC
  6. Dianne Binn, Selkirk College, Manager, Indigenous Education and Engagement 
  7. Florence Daddey, Douglas College, Faculty, Business Management
  8. Grace Dupasquier, Alliance of British Columbia Students, Chairperson
  9. Inba Kehoe, University of Victoria, Scholarly Communications/Publishing Librarian and Copyright Officer
  10. Isabeau Iqbal, University of British Columbia, Senior Educational Consultant/Educational Leadership, Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology
  11. Jo Chrona, First Nations Education Steering Committee, Curriculum Manager
  12. Marianne Gianacopoulos, Langara College, Division Chair, Management Programs
  13. Peter Arthur, University of British Columbia Okanagan, Faculty, Director, Professional Programs and Summer Institute in Education
  14. Ross McKerlich, Okanagan College, Education Technology Coordinator (currently seconded to BCcampus as an Open Education Advisor, Regional Representative, Interior)
  15. Sanja Boscovic, British Columbia Institute of Technology, Associate Dean, Aerospace Programs
  16. Tanysha Klassen, BC Federation of Students, Chairperson