Active-leadership pilot project launching at UNBC this fall

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UNBC is launching a pilot leadership project this fall, focusing on “making extraordinary things happen” through practical leadership skills and developing students’ ability to motivate, inspire, influence, and lead. The University of Northern British Columbia Columbia’s Student Life Office is gearing up for a leadership project this fall, designed to empower students and facilitate positive change within the institution through active leadership. The non-credit program… Read more »

Justice Institute “goes big” in adopting OER and open textbooks

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Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) students taking some introductory courses no longer have to worry about how much their textbooks for those courses will cost. JIBC has assigned open textbooks derived from the BCcampus Open Textbooks Project to its first-year English and Psychology courses. Their introductory Statistics course has been taught using openly licensed materials for three years already, making JIBC an enthusiastic early… Read more »

Fall 2014 for BCcampus: Open Textbooks, Symposiums and Workshops

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Our Open Textbooks Project continues to generate interest from faculty and students not only across British Columbia, but internationally. Just this week, SFU student newspaper, The Peak published a special feature called The End of Textbooks and featured our very own Clint Lalonde, who is the project lead on BC Open Textbook project. The introductory open Canadian Geography textbook created during June’s sprint and mentioned… Read more »

The “Great Psychology Test Bank Sprint” offers new OER for instructors

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Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani

B.C. now has its first psychology open test bank to complement our existing psychology open textbooks: 851 questions on 15 topics, created over two days by a dedicated team of instructors. In June, BCcampus hosted its first ever textbook sprint that saw a geography open textbook written in just four days. The event was such a success that BCcampus decided to do it again. In July, BCcampus,… Read more »

A challenge for educators: delve deeper into teaching and learning inquiry

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What does it look like when educators ask deeper questions about teaching and learning practice in higher education? How does one go about stepping back from the everyday, and investigate the fundamental building blocks of academic instruction? BCcampus is hosting a symposium in November to answer those questions: the Symposium on Scholarly Inquiry into Teaching and Learning Practice.  “The catalyst for this conference is –… Read more »

Adrienne Watt: 5 questions on how to adapt a textbook

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Adrienne Watt, an instructor at Douglas College and Northwest Community College, and Open Textbook advocate

Just in time for the fall term, BCcampus’ first adaption of an Open Textbook is available on Project Management. As with all our Open Textbooks, our Project Management textbook is this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Adrienne Watt, an instructor at Douglas College and Northwest Community College, and Open Textbook advocate, is the adaptor of our Project Management… Read more »

Best of BCcampus blog posts: it’s all about open textbooks

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It’s hard to believe that the fall term for post secondary institutions begins next week. With back to school top of mind, we’re turning our attention to our most popular open textbooks blog posts. In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting the exciting progress made on our Open Textbook program. We’re on track for our targets and are always looking for instructors to review, adapt… Read more »

BEtreat Workshops: unique leadership skills development for educators

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Etienne and Bev

BEtreat workshops are designed for leaders in social learning, communities of practice and networks. Participants bring their projects and challenges that most closely represent their work experiences to a workshop. During an intensive four days they develop their capabilities in leadership and facilitation for communities of practice and professional networks. There are two types of workshops, and early bird registration ends August 30. State of… Read more »

New librarian group to support the use of OER in B.C.’s post-secondary system

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Librarians who want to help post-secondary educators find and use quality open educational resources have joined together to support each other and share their knowledge. Undertakings like the B.C. Open Textbook Project, and flexible learning projects like those at University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University present more opportunities to use Open Education Resources (OERs) in post-secondary education. However, many educators aren’t aware of… Read more »

5 Questions with Sybil Harrison on the changing role of teaching and learning centres

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For this week’s blog post, BCcampus caught up with Sybil Harrison, the Director of Learning Services at Camosun’s College Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL). According to the college’s website, CETL “aims to inspire and promote innovation and excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.” And, we were curious to find out how. 1. Can you tell us more about your role… Read more »