BCcampus Open Textbook Project – Fall 2015 Update

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On top of hitting a major financial milestone of over $1 million saved for post-secondary students in B.C, the BCcampus OpenEd team has been busy over the summer: releasing new textbooks, finalizing agreements with other provinces, preparing for the upcoming Open Education Conference, and updating the Common Core Trades and ABE training books. Open Textbooks save B.C. students $1 million No matter how you calculate… Read more »

The Summer of Summits – Adaptive Learning

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BCcampus is hosting the 3rd Annual Open Textbook summit in Vancouver, B.C., this month and plans to attend another in Santa Fe, New Mexico in June The summer of summits is underway, with our 3rd Annual Open Textbook Summit scheduled for May 28th – 29th, 2015, in Vancouver, and the WCET Connect Leadership Summit planned for June 10th – 11th in Santa Fe, New Mexico…. Read more »

Professional Cook Gap Training Program: Status Report

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A look at the progress and successes of the BCcampus Professional Cook Gap Training project; a collaborative endeavour that began as a proof of concept, developed into a pilot project, and quickly became a fully operational gap-training program. The resulting central learning resource is available not only to certification challengers, but to the broader Professional Cook community, including instructors, employers, and apprentices. In 2013, BCcampus… Read more »

Open Textbook Summit May 28-29 2015

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The Open Textbook Project is contributing to the development of an open future by making higher education resources accessible and affordable. It was October 2012 when the BC Ministry of Advanced Education first announced its support for the creation of the open textbook project. Today we have 146 adoptions of open textbooks that are being used throughout 14 institutions in BC. The resulting student savings… Read more »

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Textbooks [Audio and Video]

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Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani

BC Open Textbook Project Faculty Fellow Rajiv Jhangiani interviewed by CBC Radio and Global Television. Designed to be accessible, enabling, and affordable, the BCcampus Open Textbook Program started strong and continues to evolve, and it’s no surprise that interest in this project is growing across the country and around the world. Open Textbook Faculty Fellow, Rajiv Jhangiani, was recently interviewed by CBC Radio trend reporter,… Read more »

Creating a foundation of competency for critical trades in B.C.

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BCcampus is working with Camosun College, the Open School of B.C., and the Industry Training Authority to create resources for trades training specialties identified by the B.C. government as “critical” sectors The B.C. Open Textbook project creates openly licensed textbooks to help make higher education more accessible by reducing the student cost, but that’s only part of the project. We are also ensuring open textbooks… Read more »

Can everyone actually use it? Testing open textbooks for accessibility

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We’re working with CAPER-BC to develop a resource for OER creators to ensure current and future open textbooks are accessible for everyone, including students with print disabilities. We’ve frequently celebrated Universal Design for Learning – the set of principles for curriculum development that strives to provide students a variety of tools to fit their specific learning needs – as well as the B.C. Open Textbook… Read more »

Open textbooks: Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality in B.C.

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Embracing the unique aspects of the rich B.C. tourism and hospitality industry – from the extreme to the gentle, the sublime to the austere, and everything that makes this province a preferred destination – the Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality open textbook from LinkBC and BCcampus is intentionally designed to provide students and educators across the province with relevant, localized knowledge and experiences. Based on… Read more »

Adopting open textbooks workshop ready to launch

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Massive uptick in registration for the upcoming FREE four-week workshop, Adopting Open Textbooks, is a good indicator of OER community’s interest and involvement locally and globally.   With less than a week before it begins, the FREE four-week workshop on Open Textbooks can already be deemed a success. An 800% increase in registered participants indicates the high level of interest and acceptance of the topic and… Read more »

Two years ago at BCcampus

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December can be a busy time of year in post-secondary education. Final papers and exams need to be marked, and holiday preparation notches up the stress levels. Amid the chaos, we’ve taken some time to look back in time to what was happening on bccampus.ca two years ago. We celebrated our 10-year anniversary with a retrospective of our first decade. We were just starting our… Read more »