One of the goals of Festival of Learning 2018 is inclusivity – bringing everyone affiliated with post-secondary education in British Columbia to learn, share, participate, and connect. We’ve taken substantial steps to ensure everyone, whether from Canada or around the world, feels welcome and valued for their commitment to improving teaching and learning.


Through an arrangement with Nannies on Call, we are providing complimentary childcare from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PDT. Children are also welcome on the conference floor and social events and will be invited to dine with us during the scheduled meals. Please note, space is limited to 10 children per day.

If you have any childcare related questions please review the Childcare Parent Information or contact Christy Foote, Event Planner, at BCcampus.


The conference is completely accessible by those using wheelchairs and mobility aids. And, we’ve allocated seating in the most accessible areas of each room for attendees requiring improved access.


To help mitigate the financial burden of attending an event outside of your hometown, we have worked with the Pinnacle Hotel to establish preferred room rates and offer a special early-bird discount for the first 50 registrants to the festival. We’re also offering a discounted registration for students, speakers, and volunteers attending #FoL18.

Name tags

One of our learnings from OpenCon2016 was the use of pronoun ribbons to be inclusive of all genders for events and conferences. Based on a template from, we’ve incorporated pronoun ribbons –  a simple-but-smart tool to ensure all attendees can convey their identity and avoid being misgendered. You can pick up your pronoun ribbon at the registration desk.


We will have a photographer present throughout the event to capture images to later share on our digital properties and in our promotional materials. At the registration desk, there are coloured lanyards to indicate whether or not you want your picture taken.

All-gender washrooms

All-gender washrooms are conveniently located on the main conference floor. Single-gender washrooms are located above and below the main conference floor, in the hotel lobby and on the upper conference level.


For updates about the Festival of Learning 2018, follow us on Twitter @BCcampus, use the event hashtag #FoL18, and sign up for the BCcampus newsletter.

For all BCcampus hosted and partnered events, as well as, external events hosted by B.C. post-secondary institutions see the BCcampus Events calendar.