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Since 2012 the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training has funded B.C. open education initiatives and tasked BCcampus with managing them. The goal of the BCcampus open education project is to provide flexible and affordable access to post-secondary learning resources in B.C. by making available openly licensed textbooks and other open educational resources (OERs) that align with the most highly enrolled first- and second-year undergraduate courses and with select skills-training and trades subjects.

Building on our open textbooks, OERs, and H5P projects, in an effort to support the B.C. post-secondary education system with the pivot to online learning, BCcampus has begun to establish a suite of open online courses (OOCs) that include OERs to provide flexible access for use in B.C. post-secondary institutions.


The purpose of this expression of interest is to identify a metadata librarian or information architect who will provide expertise and recommendations to ensure the BCcampus OER collection is a tool that key stakeholders, instructors, and teaching and learning centre staff can use to find OERs for the construction of online courses.

Our goals are to:

  • Make it easy for instructors, teaching and learning centre staff, and librarians to find OERs and course materials in our collection, including:
    • Improving listings in academic and library databases
    • Improving commercial search-engine results
    • Improving the ability of other directories, collections, and indexes to index our OERs
  • Make it easy for instructors, teaching and learning centre staff, and librarians to assess appropriate OERs for their courses, including:
    • Ensuring a searcher can identify if an OER is appropriate for their particular course delivery
  • Assist subject matter experts who enter new records into the collection to appropriately apply metadata 

The OER collection is entirely web-based. We are looking for a candidate who is familiar with web-based publishing and indexing standards and practices. In addition, since our collection is curated for use in B.C. by B.C. post-secondary institutions, the successful candidate will have insight into and experience in that environment.


This expression of interest is for institutions, departments, or individuals in B.C. who are able to contribute educational metadata expertise to the software development team during the development our new website. The team includes a project manager, user-experience designer, software developers, and technical subject matter experts.

The metadata librarian will:

  • Assess the searchability of OERs in our current textbook collection (by July 30)
  • Document metadata standards and best practices for classification and description of post-secondary educational resources (by July 30)
  • Recommend how we can improve the metadata we collect and publish for OERs in our collection (by August 15)
  • Recommend how we can improve the searchability of our resources in commonly used collections, catalogues, and databases (by August 15)
  • Support and assist subject matter expert contributors with the proper application of metadata to OER records (through November)
  • Develop user stories that describe how and why a librarian at a post-secondary institution might search for or support instructors to search for textbooks and other educational resources (through November)

The successful applicant must have the following:

  • Experience working in a B.C. post-secondary institution as a librarian or information architect
  • Experience working with instructors and instructional designers to procure educational materials for classrooms
  • Expertise in classification and description of educational materials (e.g., MARC records) and insight into indexes and databases for educational materials in the B.C. post-secondary environment
  • Familiarity with and use of activities that embrace open pedagogies


The successful applicant will receive up to $10,000 for the provision of the services listed. We expect this work will require roughly 140 hours of effort between mid-July and the end of November 2020.

Expectations and Requirements

The following commitments and actions are expected of the successful applicant: 

  • Complete the project on time.
  • Participate in collaborative processes with the software development team.
  • Deliver documentation that will inform the design and development of the collection and support people to add materials to the collection.
  • Provide ad hoc support to subject matter experts to add to the collection as needed through November 2020.


Please submit a CV and cover letter to