Complimentary childcare is available for 10 children per day. When registering for the Festival, indicate you want to take advantage of this complimentary childcare.

Please note, registration for the Festival of Learning opens February 1, 2018.


Childcare is available from 8:30 am – 4:30 pm each day, May 28, 29 & 30, 2018.


Nannies on Call – A professional, reputable nanny service. 604-734-1776. Please visit their website for further details about this company.

Nanny to Child Ratio

1:1 1 nanny to 1 child under 18 months old
1:3 1 nanny to 3 children 18 months – 4 yrs old
1:5 1 nanny to 5 children 5 – 7 yrs old
1:6 1 nanny to 6 children 8 – 11 yrs old
1:7 1 nanny to 7 children 12 yrs old +

How to Register

You must register your child in the registration platform. When you register yourself, you will have the option to select the childcare option. Please complete the information section for your child. If you require childcare and you have already completed your registration, please email to check availability and to register your child. The deadline for childcare registration is May 6, 2018 or until the spots have been taken.


Please drop off and pick up your child at the Pinnacle Hotel Hospitality Suite, Room #440 located on the 4th Floor.

Sign In/Sign Out

You MUST sign in and sign out your child each time you drop and take them from the suite. For security reasons, children will not be released to anyone but you, unless you have conveyed this in writing to the nanny. This person will need to show picture ID to take your child.


Children are welcome to eat any of the food provided at breakfast, breaks and lunches on the main conference floor during the conference. We have worked closely with the hotel to make these meals nutritious. We do ask that you pick up your child from the suite and bring them to the conference floor to eat and return them to the suite when you ready to do so. If your child has a specific diet, you are welcome to bring food. Please note, the Hospitality Suite is peanut free.

Hospitality Suite

The Hospitality Suite is equipped with a small fridge, cabinets, sink, 2 larger living room areas and a bathroom. The suite does not have a microwave. Cots are available upon request but if you require a crib or playpen, you will need to bring this with you.


We will post a schedule of events for the day on the door (breakfast time, break time and lunch times, walk times, yoga times, etc). You are welcome to pick up, take and re-drop your child as often as you like if your return times work with the schedule.

Fit Breaks

We will have scheduled fit-breaks throughout day during the conference. Please feel free to grab your little ones and join the group for a little power walk.

Consent Form

Depending on group ages and sizes, it’s possible there could be a “field trip” to Coal Harbour Park Playground located a couple of blocks from the hotel for some fresh air. We would also like to schedule a certified instructor led children’s yoga session in our Yoga/Meditation room located on the 3rd floor of the hotel. If this is okay with you, you will need to sign a consent form.

Media Release

If you have declined the media release, please know that we take this very seriously and will identify children with a red peel and stick label for our photographers. Be aware that when your child is on the conference floor, it’s possible they may be captured in an attendee’s shot or in the background of an attendee’s photo. As we convey the “no photos taken” message, we cannot guarantee this in the conference and public areas.

Screen Time

If you will be bringing a device for your child, please indicate the allowed screen time amount and label it with your name if possible. Please note, we are not responsible for broken or lost devices.

After Hours Care

For care after conference hours, please make arrangements directly with the nannies.

Information About the Day

There will be a line up of arts/crafts, games, a yoga session, reading time, movie time and other fun kid activities.

Children are welcome to the conference sessions and social events during the conference.

Light snacks and drinks will be available in the Hospitality Suite for little bellies that need a snack between meals. If you have a special diet, there is a fridge to hold anything you’d like to bring.

Please bring a change of clothes, outdoor clothes and a hat if you feel it may be needed.

Emergency Information

  • Fire alarm sounds – Assembly point after evacuation: 1177 West Hastings, TD Bank outside plaza. A Guide to Emergency Procedures will be provided after you register for childcare.
  • Emergency kit – Emergency Kit (bandages etc.) will be in the room.
  • In case of an emergency – Nannies have been instructed to call 911.
  • Incident book – There is an incident record book that nannies will record anything they feel you should know about, (falls, bumps etc.).
  • Medicine – If your child requires medicine, we ask that you handle this, not the nannies.
  • Swimming pool – As BCcampus is responsible and paying for the care, we have implemented a NO-GO swimming rule.

If you have any childcare related questions please contact Christy Foote, Event Planner, at BCcampus.


Registration opens February 1, 2018. For updates about the Festival of Learning 2018, follow us on Twitter @BCcampus, use the event hashtag #FoL18, and sign up for the BCcampus newsletter.

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