Our services at a glance:

Our Services at a glance information sheet, indicates all British Columbia post-secondary institutions and the BCcampus services they are using as of September 2014.

Reports and Reviews:

These are PDF documents. We realize that’s not really “open” data in that it can’t easily be extracted, manipulated and built upon.


BCcampus wants to “walk our talk” with our own data. That’s why we’ve also created a set of resources at reports.bccampus.ca and we will continue to add data as we crystallize our internal processes.

At the moment we have available on reports.bccampus.ca:

  • ApplyBC metrics by institution, demographics, and geography
  • OPDF projects by institution, field of study and year
  • Administrative course information for Collaborative Programs

We plan to enhance the reports site with more data and better features. Please send any feedback to communications@bccampus.ca.