Research Funding and Development

Research Grants & Proposals

Get funding to contribute to research n’ stuff. All of this text could be about a sentence or two.

Research Initiatives

See what we’re working on and what other researchers have contributed.

Professional Development

Attend webinars and events to help you grow as a researcher in the space of student learning.

BCcampus Research Priorities, Goals, and Strategies

Learning & Teaching Online

  • Identify educational technologies and implementation strategies that support student success.
  • Support educators to take risks and try new teaching practices.
  • Identify effective pedagogies and advance their use in B.C. post-secondary institutions.

Open Educational Practices

  • Illustrate the impact of Open Educational Resources and Practices.
  • Build capacity for the development and adoption of Open Educational Resources and Practices.

Student Access, Accessibility, & Engagement

  • Advance teaching and learning practices that support equity, inclusion, anti-racism, anti-colonialism, and accessibility.
  • Fund both student and educator-led research projects.
  • Identify and remove barriers to participate in higher education.

Indigenous Engagement

  • Prioritize research that practices reciprocity and engages with Indigenous communities.
  • Fund Indigenous researchers and research projects.
  • Identify respectful and ethical practices in incorporating Indigenous knowledges and practices into course design, curriculum, and activities.