Lauri Aesoph
Manager, Open Education
Tracy Kelly
Senior Manager, Learning & Teaching
Erin Beattie
Digital Media Strategist
Clint Lalonde
Manager, Educational Technologies
Mary Burgess
Executive Director
Corinne Litchfield
Reporting and Planning Assistant
Dianne Biin
Project Manager and Content Developer, Indigenization Project
Leva Lee
Manager, Learning & Teaching
Brian Case
Manager, Information Technology
George Meyer
Technical Analyst
Amanda Coolidge
Senior Manager, Open Education
Barb Murphy
Manager, Marketing and Communications
Sylvia Currie
Manager, Learning & Teaching
Alex Paredes
Web Developer
Christy Foote
Coordinator, Events and Administration

Brad Payne
Web Developer
Paula Gaube
Information Services Coordinator
Kathreen Riel
Project Manager and Researcher, Early Years Project
Michelle Glubke
Senior Manager, Collaborative Projects
Mirjam van Hasselt
Coordinator, Administration and Finance
Denise Goudy
Rick Westmacott
Web Developer 
Robyn Humphreys
Digital Designer