Digital skills for collaborative OER development

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New MOOC-like course from OERu provides hands-on experience for educators interested in integrating OER into their curriculum “How do you design courses on the open web that potentially can be used on any delivery platform?” This was the question posed by Dr. Wayne Mackintosh, Director of OER Foundation and the UNESCO/COL/ICDE Chair in OER at Otago Polytechnic in Dunedin, New Zealand. The answer was to… Read more »

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Textbooks [Audio and Video]

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Dr. Rajiv Jhangiani

BC Open Textbook Project Faculty Fellow Rajiv Jhangiani interviewed by CBC Radio and Global Television. Designed to be accessible, enabling, and affordable, the BCcampus Open Textbook Program started strong and continues to evolve, and it’s no surprise that interest in this project is growing across the country and around the world. Open Textbook Faculty Fellow, Rajiv Jhangiani, was recently interviewed by CBC Radio trend reporter,… Read more »

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Study of the Environment at SFU

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Simon Fraser University’s new Bachelor of Environment degree employs an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of environmental concerns through integrated curriculum, experiential learning courses, and a holistic, ecological perspective Simon Fraser University has recently begun offering a Bachelor of Environment degree (BEnv), the first new undergraduate credential offered by the institution since 1992. The new BEnv programs were designed through the… Read more »

Online Collaborative Courses Service Notice

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The Desire2Learn (D2L) site that hosts the Online Collaborative courses (ABT and ICT) was moved to a new server last night (March 3rd). Some users may have difficulty accessing the system until the network change is recognized by their computer. This automated Internet function could take up to 24 hours to resolve. If you have trouble accessing your courses, please try again later.

BCcampus analyst contributes library to open source site

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Thanks to BCcampus Senior Technical Analyst Jam Hamidi’s PESC Java Library, more institutions can now have their student transcripts zip through the Internet via secure servers, quickly and safely. Instead of taking up to 28 days for record exchanges, the transcripts can now be shared in a day. With over 155,000 transcripts being delivered electronically amongst post-secondary institutions and students across Canada, the need for… Read more »

Creating a foundation of competency for critical trades in B.C.

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BCcampus is working with Camosun College, the Open School of B.C., and the Industry Training Authority to create resources for trades training specialties identified by the B.C. government as “critical” sectors The B.C. Open Textbook project creates openly licensed textbooks to help make higher education more accessible by reducing the student cost, but that’s only part of the project. We are also ensuring open textbooks… Read more »

Get on board and online with ETUG in 2015: Why you should get to know this vibrant community

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If you’re enthusiastic about teaching, learning and educational technology and haven’t discovered ETUG yet, you’re missing out. ETUG is the BC Educational Technology Users Group, a grassroots community of BC educators (since 1994) who are interested in teaching, learning, educational technology (ed tech) and higher education. They have a dynamic community and a website rich with activities, workshops and resources sharing good ed tech practice…. Read more »

Can everyone actually use it? Testing open textbooks for accessibility

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We’re working with CAPER-BC to develop a resource for OER creators to ensure current and future open textbooks are accessible for everyone, including students with print disabilities. We’ve frequently celebrated Universal Design for Learning – the set of principles for curriculum development that strives to provide students a variety of tools to fit their specific learning needs – as well as the B.C. Open Textbook… Read more »

Peer Feedback on Writing: How Much is Enough?

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How well does student writing improve through giving (and getting) peer feedback? Is the learning maintained in future writing? Dr. Christina Hendricks, PhD, Sr. Instructor of Philosophy and ArtsONE at UBC, is a proponent of Open Education and an educator with an enquiring mind. While teaching the writing-intensive ArtsONE program to first year students she became curious about the value of their peer feedback process…. Read more »