Value Proposition

BCcampus enhances the B.C. public post-secondary education sector by facilitating and sharing innovative teaching and learning approaches on behalf of the sector and in support of Ministry mandates.  BCcampus identifies and cultivates sector-wide efficiencies by providing opportunities and mechanisms to enhance collaboration, openness, and transparency.  


At BCcampus, our vision is to inspire and transform B.C. public post-secondary education by facilitating innovative and inclusive teaching and learning experiences, as informed by UNDRIP and the TRC. We strive to be a catalyst for collaboration, openness, and transparency, enabling a culture of continuous improvement and equitable access to education for all. Our goal is to foster vibrant educational communities and systems, to ensure people have the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 


BCcampus advances effective, inclusive, and accessible post-secondary teaching and learning practices to enhance students’ experiences in British Columbia. 


BCcampus drives innovation in teaching, learning, and open education in alignment with B.C.’s post-secondary system priorities. To fulfill its mandate, BCcampus:

  • leads projects and facilitates collaboration in teaching, learning, and open education that support post-secondary educators.
  • develops and delivers professional development for educators and curates, manages, and distributes collections of open educational resources.
  • collaborates with and is responsible to the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, post-secondary institutions, and other system partners. 


At BCcampus, these values shape our work: 

Promoting lasting and meaningful truth and reconciliation 

We are committed to building and nurturing meaningful relationships where we practice reciprocity and honour Indigenous ways of knowing and being. We do this by engaging with the principles of full participation and informed consent to recognize and respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples. We value a heart-centered approach in which humility, responsibility, and accountability guide our actions. 


Cross-sector collaboration and collective impact are vital to the creation and development of purpose-driven, shared open curriculum, and open learning resources for the post-secondary system of British Columbia. We work with leaders and innovators across multiple sectors to create impactful, student-centred learning experiences and resources through evidence-based pedagogy, strategic engagements, and iterative designs. 


At BCcampus, we respond and adapt to the changing educational and professional needs of students, faculty, and instructors by researching, developing, and sharing innovative Teaching and Learning practices.  We take what we’ve learned locally, nationally, and globally to create informed and intentional action. Through our deliberate programs, workshops, and events, we engage with educators, provide professional development, and collaborate with institutions to improve the post-secondary learning environment within B.C. 


At BCcampus, we are passionate proponents for all things open, providing learning opportunities about open pedagogy, supporting open access, and encouraging learning design that takes full advantage of open licences. Open brings opportunities to improve learning materials and educational resources for students as well as instructors, with benefits well beyond access. 


BCcampus operates with core funding from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills, with additional project funding from philanthropic organizations and other Ministries that represent British Columbia. BCcampus makes responsible use of taxpayer dollars by adhering to the Ministry’s Taxpayer Accountability Principles. BCcampus is fiscally accountable and has implemented cost-recovery business models into our service catalogue, where appropriate, to ensure our ability to provide value to the learners and institutions of B.C. 

Human-Centred: Inclusive, equitable and anti-racist

From the workplace to our learning spaces, BCcampus is committed to creating and fostering an inclusive, equitable and anti-racist human-centred environment. We practice creating and sustaining environments and communities in which everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected, and empowered to participate fully and authentically in ways that work for them.