An opportunity to connect with our community

Throughout the year, we share opportunities for the people involved in B.C.’s public post-secondary institutions to participate in research opportunities, attend events, and contribute their knowledge to the betterment of learning resources and activities across the province.

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Grants Currently Offered

We are looking for your input or participation in the following:

The Awards for Excellence in Open Education recognize outstanding contributions to the open education movement in British Columbia. These contributions may include significant leadership, open

Peer-reviewed for excellence To ensure the content in the B.C. Open Textbook collection achieves or surpasses the academic requirements of the post-secondary institutions of B.C.,

Open Calls for Proposals

We are looking for applications for the following:

With an emphasis on experiential place-based learning, the 2019 Symposium: Learning Transformation is focused on the transformation of our approaches and practice to teaching and learning.

Currently Closed Opportunities

Some programs are made available on an as-needed basis, and may be open or closed at different points of the year. Please check back to see if a program you’re interested in is currently available.