How is BCcampus funded?

We receive funding support from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills for our core operations, with supplemental assistance for necessary programs such as the B.C. Open Textbook project. To ensure a sustainable future, we have adopted a number of cost-recovery business models that offer substantial value to our partners throughout the province, while contributing to the next generation of digital learning environments.

Accountable to the taxpayers of B.C.

We strive to be effective and efficient with our resources, including time and budgets, to maximize the ways in which we can help the post-secondary institutions of British Columbia. We are:

  • Cost conscious – maximizing value through organizational efficiencies and collaborative approaches, as well as employing system-wide practices to harness openly licensed resources
  • Service-focused – fulfilling the teaching and learning needs of B.C.’s learners, educators, and administrators
  • Accountable – providing services for identified needs, with advisory groups and feedback mechanisms
  • Respectful – building community through collaboration and engagement
  • Fairly compensated – all BCcampus employees are compensated appropriately through salary scales established by SFU, our administrative partner
  • Open – transparency, ethical approaches, trust, and long-term relationships underpin the foundation of BCcampus

We are also grateful for grants provided to us for specific projects from the Hewlett Foundation.