We are the team of professionals at BCcampus, enabling and empowering everyone in the post-secondary education sector of B.C. to access, develop, research, and explore opportunities to improve the learning experience.

    • Olaolu Adeleye
      Advisor, Learning & Teaching
      oadeleye[at] bccampus [dot] ca
    • Lauri Aesoph
      Manager, Open Education Operations
      laesoph [at] bccampus [dot] ca
    • Erin Beattie
      Manager, Marketing & Communications
      ebeattie [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Mary Burgess
    Executive Director
    mburgess [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Jaime Caldwell
    Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
    jcaldwell [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Brian Case
    Project Manager, Information Technology Services
    bcase [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Tim Carson
    Open Education Advisor, Trades Representative
    tcarson [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Arianna Cheveldave
    Coordinator, Open Education
    acheveldave [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Carolee Clyne
    Open Education Advisor, Regional Representative
    carolee.clyne [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Amanda Coolidge
    Director, Open Education
    acoolidge [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Valerie Cross
    Director, Collaborative Projects and Indigenous Engagement
    vcross [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Robynne Devine
    Senior Project Manager, Collaborative Projects
    rdevine [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Christy Foote
    Manager, Events
    cfoote [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Harper Friedman
    Assistant, Open Textbook Production
    hfriedman [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Paula Gaube
    Coordinator, Project Support
    pgaube [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Michelle Glubke
    Senior Project Manager, Collaborative Projects and Indigenous Engagement
    mglubke [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Josie Gray
    Manager, Production & Publishing
    jgray [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Moira Hall
    Coordinator, Administration
    mhall [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Karolina Karas
    Strategist, Marketing & Communications (on leave)
    kkaras [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Katheryna Khong
    Strategist, Marketing & Communications
    kkhong [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Kelsey Kilbey
    Coordinator, Information Services
    kkilbey [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Clint Lalonde
    Project Manager, Open Source Homework Systems
    clalonde [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Krista Lambert
    Project Manager for ABE/Health Zero Textbook Cost Programs
    klambert [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Gabrielle Lamontagne
    Coordinator, Collaborative Projects and Indigenous Engagement
    glamontagne [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Leva Lee
    Manager, Learning + Teaching
    leva [dot] lee [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Corinne Litchfield
    Coordinator, Finance & Reporting
    corinne [dot] litchfield [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Afra Liu
    Co-op, Information Services
    aliu [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Selina McGinnis
    Lead UX/IA
    smcginnis [at] bccampus [dot] ca
    • Ross McKerlich
      Project Manager, Micro-Credentials
      rmckerlich [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • George Meyer
    Senior Technical Analyst
    gmeyer [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Melanie Meyers
    Project Manager for Business/STEM Zero Textbook Cost Programs and Improved Searchability
    mmeyers [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Jonathan Orr
    Project Manager, Peer Training Curriculum Project, Collaborative Projects
    jorr [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Alex Paredes
    Lead Software Developer, DevOps
    aparedes [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Helena Prins
    Advisor, Learning + Teaching
    hprins [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Tracy Roberts
    Director, Learning + Teaching
    troberts [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Declan Robinson Spence
    Project Coordinator, Collaborative Projects
    drobinsonspence [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Dave Shaykewich
    Senior Manager, DevOps
    dshaykewich [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Rebecca Shortt
    Coordinator, Learning + Teaching
    rshortt [at] bccampus [dot] ca
    • Kemal Tunador
      Intermediate Software Developer
      ktunador [at] bccampus [dot] ca
  • Mirjam van Hasselt
    Operations Manager
    mirjam [at] bccampus [dot] ca
    • Kaitlyn Zheng
      Coordinator, Open Textbook Publishing
      kqzheng [at] bccampus [dot] ca

If you can’t find the connection you’re looking for, please contact us at inquiry@BCcampus.ca.