Year of Science

Science capacity is crucial to a knowledge-based economy and key to BC’s continuing economic prosperity. Scientific knowledge is necessary for inventing new technologies that lead to economic benefits and job creation. Science permeates our everyday life impacting everything from the homes we live in to music and sport. Science is key to solving many complex problems that are affecting our well being and well being of our children, such as climate change, energy sources, and health care.

Since its inception BCcampus has supported the creation of numerous innovative science courses and resources in BC post-secondary institutions.

As part of its mandate to use technology to connect, collaborate, and innovate across BC’s public post secondary system BCcampus is pleased to have supported the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development in the design and launch of the Year of Science web site. On September 24, 2010 the Premier proclaimed the 2010-11 school year to be the Year of Science and officially launched the web site. Here is the News Release.

The Year of Science web site provides science activities and resources for students, teachers, parents and grandparents and anyone with an interest in science and innovation. It provides gateway access to science centres, academic communities and science related businesses in all regions of BC. Stories of science achievement in BC act as inspiration to explore careers in science using resources on the web site. A calendar of events, news and announcements and feature videos and photos highlight activities and ways for everyone to participate.

We invite you to celebrate and help build BC’s science capacity through the Year of Science web site!