2010 Online Program Development Fund Awards

Growing BC’s public post-secondary online learning is one of our goals at BCcampus. Starting in 2003 BCcampus has issued an annual Online Program Development Fund (OPDF) Request for Proposals (RFP) to all of BC’s public post secondary institutions. The OPDF call for proposals emphasizes inter-institutional collaboration and partnerships for development of online learning courses. Development is focused on for-credit online learning that give students access to more programs leading to complete degrees, diplomas and certificates.

The 2010 OPDF was the eighth consecutive annual round of OPDF bringing the cumulative total of OPDF funding 2003-2010 to $9 million.

A summary of the grants awarded is listed below.

2010 OPDF Awards
Title: Indigenous Technology Career Access Program
Partners: Camosun College, Emily Carr University of Art and Design, WSÁNEĆ School Board, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Hawaii
Grant: $47,3782S
Project: Develop 6 online course components (1. General introduction to the Alice programming language, 2. Objects, 3. Properties, methods & functions, 4. Decisions & loops, 5. Events, 6. Data structures) for the programming portion of computer science courses. Course components will be made available through a YouTube format and designed to be culturally relevant and respectful of traditions.

Title: Collaborative Mining and Mineral Exploration Technology Program
Partners: BCIT, College of New Caledonia, School District 91, Northern Lights College, Northwest Community College, Yukon College
Grant: $82,120S
Project: Develop 6 online courses; 1. MINE 1101 Physical Geology, 2. MINE 2101 Mineralogy and Petrology, 3. MINE 2105 Surface Mining and Blasting, 4. MINE 2106 Environmental Applications, 5. SURV 1140 Surveying for Mining 1, 6. SURV 2240 Surveying for Mining 2. This will allow students to take the first year of BCIT’s Mining and Mineral Exploration Technology Program at their home institution and then transfer to BCIT to complete the second year of the program.

Title: Aboriginal Early Childhood Education Infant and Toddler Diploma
Partners: College of New Caledonia, Nicola Valley Institute of Technology, Northern Lights College
Grant: $50,000*1
Project: Develop 7 online courses leading to an AECE Infant and Toddler Diploma. 1. AECE 201 Child Development III, 2. AECE 210 Working with Families, 3. AECE 220 Programming for Infants and Toddlers, 4. AECE 230 Guidance for Infants and Toddlers, 5. AECE 250 Advanced Health Safety and Nutrition, 6. AECE 253 Administration & Licensing, 7. AECE Infant & Toddler Practicum

Title: Embedded Critical Thinking in Distributed Learning Course Design: Advanced Placement Physics
Partners: University of British Columbia Okanagan, BC Learning Network, Cool School, The Critical Thinking Consortium
Grant: $46,500S*
Project: Develop 5 components involving 50 lessons including a justifying the decision module, science specific critical thinking teaching video, and three science specific Flash based tutorials along with an assessment data base. Course components will be used in an online Advanced Placement Physics course.

Title: Online Virtual Patients
Partners: University of Northern British Columbia, Justice Institute of BC
Grant: $8,000
Project: Install and host OpenLabyrinth application and develop 2 workshops that produce virtual patients responsive to the needs of rural, and remote nursing education.

Title: Situated Learning with Mobile Technologies
Partners: Langara College, College of the Rockies, University of Northern British Columbia
Grant: $43,500*2
Project: Develop 4 components; 1. a mobile platform that works across a wide range of mobile devices, 2. a mobile pedagogical delivery model, 3. three courses that use mobile platform and model and 4. evaluate the effectiveness and provide recommendations for other BC public post secondary adoption.

Title: Early Learning and Care Diploma
Partners: Camosun College, Vancouver Island University, The South Island School District Partnership (SD 61, SD 62, SD 63, SD 64, SD 79), Coast Salish Employment Training Society
Grant: $162,000*1
Project: Develop 7 online courses in phase 2 of an Early Learning and Care Diploma. Courses are: 1. CFCS 160 Family and Community 1, 2. ELC 230 Infant and Toddler Care, 3. ELC 111 Supportive Relationships 1, 4. ELC 112 Supportive Relationships 2, 5. ELC 220 Inclusive Child Care, 6. ELC 130 Early Childhood Profession, 7. ELC 212 Supportive Relationships 3.

Title: Conversion of upper level Bachelor of Business Administration courses to online delivery
Partners: Langara College, College of the Rockies, Douglas College, Camosun College
Grant: $105,000*
Project: Phase 1 collaborative development of 10 online upper level Bachelor of Business Administration courses: 1. BUSM 4200 Strategic Management, 2. BUSM 4300/RECR 4300 Applied Project, 3. Management Information Systems, 4. The Politics of Sustainability, 5. Environmental Science of Sustainability, 6. Project Management, 7. Operations Management, 8. BUSM 2300 Employment Strategies for Current Labour Markets, 9. Taxation, 10. International Global Business.

Title: Behaviour Intervention Citation – Provincial Partnerhip
Partners: Douglas College, Selkirk College, Northern Lights College, College of New Caledonia, Vancouver Island University, Capilano University, North Island College, College of the Rockies
Grant: $35,000*
Project: As an equal partner collaborative develop 20 course components for use in multiple courses that relate to behaviour intervention, autism and applied behaviour analysis. Collaborative partners are working to offer a Behaviour Intervention Citation across the province.

Title: Using Mobile Devices as Learning Tools for Alternative Models of Teaching and Learning
Partners: University of British Columbia, Paramedic Academy Justice Institute of British Columbia
Grant: $43,500*2
Project: Develop 3 components; 1. instructional design solutions that allow for increased student participation in courses by using mobile devices, 2. text and videos that demonstrate innovative mobile pedagogy in practice and 3. sample assignments, activities and content that utilize mobile devices in a course.

Title: Applied Art and Design Online: Extended Studio Practice (SPACE & Communications Design)
Partners: Emily Carr University of Art & Design, North Island College, Dr. Peter Aids Foundations Centre in Vancouver
Grant: $75,000*
Project: Phase 1 development of 4 online courses and 3 learning object course components. Courses are: 1. COMD 204 Typographic Communication, 2. COMD 304 Typographic Systems, 3. CCID 3XX , 4. CCID/ENGL 3XX. Three learning objects will be for two typography courses and virtual studio.

Title: Student Orientation for Rural Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice
Partners: University of British Columbia, University of Victoria, Thompson Rivers University, BCIT, Selkirk College, College of New Caledonia, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver Island University
Grant: $12,000*
Project: Develop 1 online module course component to help students understand rural socio-cultural-economic issues, epidemiology of rural health and illness, rural health service delivery roles, and skills and knowledge common to collaborative rural health care.

Title: Community Care Licensing Officer: Online Certificate Program
Partners: Justice Institute of BC, Ministry of Health Services, BC Health Authorities, Community Care Facilities Licensing Officers of BC Association
Grant: $20,000*
Project: Customize and enhance 4 existing open educational resource online courses; 1. HSLC 105 Business Writing and Presentation Skills, 2. HSLC 200 Conflict Resolution, 3 ELC 110 Child Development 1, and 4. Introduction to Gerontology, along with a Field Practicum course as phase 1 in the development of a Community Care Licensing Officer online certificate program.

Title: British Columbia/China Contemporary Forest Topics
Partners: University of British Columbia, Royal Roads University, BC Forestry Innovation Investment, Nanjing Forestry University, Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Grant: $20,000S
Project: Develop a web site and 16 course components in the form of TED talks on Forestry videos featuring inspirational world leading experts in forestry and environmental studies. Components make up a credit-based course used for students in BC and as a means of preparing Chinese students for studies as undergraduate students in BC.


S indicates an award for proposal in science academic area

* represents only partial funding of full proposal request

1 Funding award to these two initiatives is contingent on:

  • communication, consultation and coordination between the two initiatives around combining efforts into a single initiative
  • a report showing the curricular program relationship between the two initiatives
  • a commitment to reuse existing ECE courses

2 indicates two initiatives that relate to one another and are asked to work together

Since 2003, the Online Program Development Fund has invested $8.25 million. The main outcomes to date are:

  • 131 grants awarded (2003-2009)
  • 100% participation across the post-secondary system
  • 83% partnerships – mostly inter-institutional but also with K-12, health authorities, not-for-profits, professional associations, e-learning companies, First Nations, foundations, amongst others.
  • 41 credentials developed in whole or part via OPDF
  • 317 courses, 10 workshops, 18 web sites/tools and 338 course components (learning objects, labs, textbooks, manuals, videos) developed across almost all academic fields of study
  • 100% licensed for open free sharing & reuse by all post-secondary

Data and summaries of the OPDF to date including 2003-2010 calls for proposals, summary reports on annual outcomes, data sheets showing institution OPDF awards as lead or partner, and analysis of OPDF results overall can be found on the BCcampus OPDF workspace wiki at:

2010 OPDF Call for Proposals

The $750,000 2010 OPDF announced October 19, 2010 identified science as a priority area and targeted two types of online learning development:

  1. Courses: Proposals are invited for development of credit-based online courses.
  2. Course Components: Proposals are invited for development of for-credit course components such as learning objects, labs, textbooks, manuals, and videos.

Materials related to the 2010 OPDF call for proposals including the call itself, an application form, and FAQ are all available on the BCcampus OPDF wiki at

OPDF proposals were submitted to BCcampus by heads of academic affairs at institutions on or before the closing date of December 14th, 2010.

OPDF evaluation and award is done by independent professional peer review against criteria expressed in the call for proposals.

Call Response

BCcampus received a total of 21 proposals in response to the 2010 OPDF call for proposals. The combined request for funding amounted to $1.72 million dollars.  Of the 21 proposals there were:

  • 15 proposals for courses representing a combined request of $1.46 million
  • 6 proposals for course components representing a combined request of $254K

Twenty-four of BC’s twenty-five public post secondary institutions participated in the 2010 OPDF as lead or partner.

100% of the proposals involved partnerships among BC public post secondary institutions, and/or with professional associations, health authorities, school districts, international consortia, and out-of-province institutions.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals were reviewed by the Ministry’s of Science and Universities and Regional and Economic Skills Development and comments provided to the evaluation team for consideration prior to the group review.

Proposals were evaluated using a progressive consensus process facilitated by BCcampus. Progressive consensus involves evaluator’s independently scoring proposals first, followed by paired review and consensus, culminating in group review and award. Evaluators do not review proposals from their own institution. The eight person 2010 OPDF evaluation team included representatives from University of Northern British Columbia, Okanagan College, Royal Roads University, Camosun College, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Vancouver Community College, University of British Columbia, and an external consultant.

The evaluation team selected fourteen proposals for full or partial award. Nine grants were made for courses and five for course components.


Thanks to all those who submitted proposals and congratulations to the 2010 OPDF winners.

All public announcements and news releases associated with your grant must be coordinated through Tori Klassen Manager Communications & Stakeholder Relations, e-mail tklassen [at] bccampus [dot] ca, phone 250-405-4012, who will work with the BC’s Public Affairs Bureau.

Representatives of all projects receiving a grant are invited to an OPDF orientation day scheduled for March 4, 2011.

BCcampus is pleased to support the growing importance of online learning initiatives at all BC public post secondary institutions.

For additional information contact:

Paul Stacey, Director of Communications, Stakeholder and Academic Relations, e-mail: pstacey [at] bccampus [dot] ca, phone: 604-412-7736