Bringing the BC ID community together

For the second spring in row, the instructional design community from B.C. post-secondary institutions organized a very successful one-day event on ID, that was hosted this year at the Ike Barber Centre at the University of British Columbia. We at BCcampus were pleased to provide some sponsorship for this professional event from our Curriculum Development and Academic Growth initiatives.

Instructional Design Workshop Participants

50+ professionals participated in a series of small group discussions on key topics including:

  • Innovation/creativity and instructional design
  • Social media, Web 2.0 and instructional design
  • Mobile learning and instructional design
  • Future of instructional design
  • Designing for learning environments that aren’t courses (communities of practice, personal learning environments)

Dr. Tony Bates, mentor to our community, provided a short opening context-setting message and then circulated among the groups to hear the discussion and to pick up intel on the issues raised.

Tony brought the group full circle towards the end of the day with his usual brilliant synthesis of the issues and their implications for learning design and practice.

A great day.

Reprinted under Creative Commons License from David’s blog:

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