BCcampus wants you

They’re some mighty unique shoes to fill, but we’re on the search for a replacement for Paul Stacey, our outgoing Director of Curriculum Development. British Columbia, and the Open Education community, is full of innovators who have a vision of what higher education will look like in a networked, open world, and we want to support that vision by hiring the right successor. Could it be you, or someone you know?

Here are some of the great projects that Paul has undertaken on behalf of BCcampus over the past 10 years:

New Media Innovation Centre (NewMIC) 2001-2002

Together with David Porter (BCcampus Executive Director), Paul supported the research outreach component of the eduSource Canada technology project. It was to build Canadian infrastructure to support collaboration and the sharing of openly-licensed educational materials. “After that experience I think we both agreed that if we ever got into positions that would allow us to shape a real future for open education in Canada, we’d do it differently,” says David Porter.

Online Program Development Fund (OPDF)

A prime vehicle for moving B.C. higher education forward in an open world. BCcampus was fortunate to have a very supportive implementation steering committee that wanted us to encourage innovation in the post-secondary sector. OPDF pioneered the re-use licensing of publicly-funded educational projects in B.C.


A bold project supported by BCcampus in its earliest days, Dare2BDigital was a quest to bring students and faculty together to showcase the best of what online learning could be in B.C., using online games and streaming media in an interactive reality show format. Dare2BDigital was a brave approach in the educational technology world, more than just slightly ahead of its time.

Year of Science web site (2010)

With a three-month window before launch, Paul braved the odds to bring it all together in a memorable web site complete with interactive community components and a YouTube channel.

North American Network of Science Labs Online (NANSLO)

NANLSO is the most recent example of Paul’s ability to bring together partners from across the system, and in this case from the U.S. also, to achieve the seemingly impossible: be the only non-U.S. agency funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s Next Generation Learning Challenge Program. The NANSLO project is breaking new ground and compelling academics to consider the inevitability of using digital instrumentation to conduct remote web-based science labs that will count towards academic credit.

Do you have a talent for implementing unique and pioneering ventures like these in a higher-education system that has a hard time seeing the future, even when it is right in front of it? Go check out the job posting, because we definitely want to hear from you.