Hype cycles and technology triggers

We do live in interesting times. With the dynamism of technological opportunity being played out in the education sector, creating big questions about the ongoing viability of higher education structures and processes, somebody had to offer a view tied the notion of the hype cycle.

GartnerHypeCycleSimplifiedOur colleague, David Kernohan from JISC in the UK, recently sat back in a wingback chair with his pipe to contemplate and offer his take about the edtech bodies in motion. Actually, David’s views were spawned from a train ride and plate of nachos. We think you’ll enjoy David’s views about hype cycles and technology triggers…

Followers of the Apocalypse –> The FOTA EduBeardStroke Parabola 2013

D’Arcy Norman (UCalgary) extends the riff here –> on hype cycles and easy answers


Image derived from a graphic by Jeremy Kemp at Wikipedia and remixed/re-used under Creative Commons license.