Spotlight on SFU: EdMedia Protégé Program

Beginning April 1 right through the beginning of June, the EdMedia team at Simon Fraser University’s Teaching and Learning Centre will get a whole lot busier. That’s when a new cohort of SFU faculty members, who are interested in being better media creators, will immerse themselves in the 10-week blended delivery program.


The Teaching and Learning Centre EdMedia team launched the program last year. And, by all accounts, it’s making a huge difference in how faculty embeds educational media within their curriculum.

The program requires, on average, about three hours of faculty members’ time each week. The program starts in April with a series of workshops that will allow the cohort to investigate various aspects of media in educational contexts. In May and June the TLC’s EdMedia team provides one-on-one peer support and mentoring to assist participants develop educational media and embed it into their courses. Final projects are showcased on June 4.

The Teaching and Learning Centre provides a $250 honorarium to each graduate of the program. Educational media resources and assets created as part of the 10-week program are shared publicly on the EdMedia TLC blog, through creative commons licensing.

Notable Quotes:

With a team of five people who have many other projects on the go, and who’ve decided that one of our core values is to always remain responsive to faculty and our institution, a cohort of six is our magic number. ~ Lisa O’Neill, Educational Media Manager, Teaching and Learning Centre 

Authors Seely Brown, Hagel III, and Davison (2012) in their book, The Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion, believe, as the EdMedia team believes, that passionate individuals will drive institutional change.  ~ Lisa O’Neill, Educational Media Manager, Teaching and Learning Centre 

This requires institutions “shaped to provide platforms to help individuals achieve their full potential by connecting with others, and better [effectively and efficiently] addressing challenging performance needs. The success of institutions will depend on their ability to amplify the efforts of individuals so that small moves, smartly made, can become catalysts for broad impact.” This belief is core to the continued success of the EdMedia Protégé program.  ~ Lisa O’Neill, Educational Media Manager, Teaching and Learning Centre 

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