New Open Textbook: BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Course Pack 1

We are happy to announce the release of a new open textbook.

OTB0XX-BCREADS-COURSEPACK-1-COVER-STORE This course pack is designed to meet the learning outcomes for Adult Literacy Fundamental English Level 1 (roughly equivalent to beginner to grade 1.5 in the K-12 system). Every one of the nine chapters includes a level-appropriate, high-interest reading of approximately 100 words.
The readings are freely available in a separate reader (BC Reads: Adult Literacy Fundamental English – Reader 1) with convenient links to the readings in each chapter of this course pack. The online version of this course pack also contains audio recordings of each story in the reader. These recordings, combined with vocabulary and word pattern exercises, prepare the Level 1 student to read each paragraph-long text with greater independence. Depending on a learner’s readiness, you may wish to use the sentences in the Word Pattern sections as dictation. Exercises on the connections between consonant sounds and letters are beyond the scope of these books. I recommend using these books alongside a structured phonics program, such as the Wilson Reading System.
Each course pack chapter includes pre-reading questions that can be used for individual reflection or class discussion, vocabulary-building and word pattern exercises, comprehension questions, grammar lessons and practice exercises, and a writing task. Font size and line spacing can be adjusted in the online view, and have been enhanced for the print and PDF versions for easier reading. This course pack has been reviewed by subject experts from colleges and universities.
Author: Shantel Ivits, Vancouver Community College
This book has been released under a CC-BY 4.0 license and is now available in the BC Open Textbook collection.


BCcampus is actively soliciting reviews of this and other open textbooks by qualified faculty from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon. If you would like to review this or another open textbook, please visit our Call for Reviewers page. We provide a $250 stipend for each completed review.


If you decide to adopt this or another open textbook (from any collection) for your course, please let us know by filling out the Adoption of an Open Textbook form.