Follow-up on BC Higher Education WordPress Community of Practice


To date, close to 30 people from a dozen institutions have expressed interest in participating in a BC Higher Education WordPress CoP with a good mix of faculty, EdTech, Administrators and IT Support people signed up.

The expression of interest signup sheet will remain active until after the Festival of Learning, at which time we will move the fledgling community onto a different platform and method to manage membership and participation.

If you are interested in participating during the early stages of community formation, please sign up prior to Friday, June 10th I’ll be taking down the form at that time. But don’t worry, There will still be opportunities for those who haven’t joined to join the community after the 10th.

Once you sign up and consent to having your contact inforamtion released to other members of the community, I’ll send you a link to a list of all participants and their WordPress projects so you can see who else is participating. After all, it’s hard to create a community if you don’t know who else is in it.

I will also send you a link to a poll we are doing with the early community members on what temporary platform we want to use as a communication tool while we launch the community. If the CoP evolves it makes sense to set up a community that is WordPress based. But until we get to that point we need something lightweight to get us off the ground and communicate that isn’t blasted emails to all. The people who have signed up already are making a choice and I’ll send you the link when you sign up to get your vote in.

We’ll look at kicking things into a higher gear after the upcoming Festival of Learning.

Photo: EduBlog Diner by Alan Levine CC-BY

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