Time to Celebrate: Teaching and Learning Professional Development Portal (TLPD)

As we reflect on the Teaching and Learning Professional Development portal and the work accomplished to date, it’s helpful to look back at highlights from the original Project Charter and planning documents that gave rise to the project purpose and direction.

Post by Leva Lee, Manager, Learning + Teaching

The TLPD Project Charter outlined a vision for a web-based resource that would be collaboratively developed with the post-secondary community and stakeholders. This resource would focus on providing information about professional learning events and opportunities. Led by BCcampus, the project would incorporate learnings from the Early Years Professional Development web portal project and phase one would be completed over a 12-18 month period.


Informed at the start by conversations with our community members, our Advisory Group, and data from our stakeholder survey, we followed our “road map” and completed all project milestones on target, on time, and on budget.

In the final stretch of our TLPD journey (Phase one), we are promoting the use of the resource and continuously collecting feedback. Guided by the success factors established by our Advisory Group at the onset of the project, we have come full circle. Using these success factors, we are reviewing and evaluating our progress, and thinking about plans for the next phase of development.

The success factors for TLPD include the following:

  • Purpose: TLPD has a clearly stated purpose and acknowledged value for users as a provincial web solution that provides access to information about professional learning events offered by and for B.C. post-secondary educators.
  • High Value: TLPD is a well-known and well-used resource.
  • Quality: TLPD is a trusted, authoritative source of professional development information for B.C. post-secondary educators.
  • Usability: TLPD and its support materials are easy-to-use, written in plain language, and jargon-free.
  • Accessibility: TLPD is developed observing Universal Design Principles and design standards for persons with disabilities.
  • Currency: TLPD information is current to the last two years of event listings.
  • Variety: TLPD includes a range of professional learning such as face-to-face, online, blended, and self-directed opportunities.
  • Sustainability: TLPD is a resource that can be easily managed and stewarded now and into the future.
  • Openness: TLPD is a free resource and openly available for everyone to use.
  • Collaboration: TLPD is a product of the joint effort of stakeholders and community members. Content is a shared responsibility.

Now it’s time to celebrate what we’ve accomplished thus far! Thank you to all involved including the TLPD Advisory Group, our stakeholder and community members from B.C. post-secondary institutions, as well as the BCcampus team supporting this project.

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