Celebrating Black History Month

The theme this year’s for Black History Month in Canada is February and Forever: Celebrating Black History Today and Every Day and in the US, it’s Black Health and Wellness. In honour of this, we have listed resources for taking action towards inclusion, celebration, and wellness as well as compiled some suggestions for learning about, amplifying, and celebrating Black history and culture.

We are eager and curious to know what you are doing/reading for February (and forever). Tweet us @BCcampus to share your thoughts and recommendations for further learning.




Health and Wellness:


Radio Show:

For the month of February, Lunchable Learning hosts, Leva Lee and Helena Prins will be sharing co-hosting duties with colleague Olaolu Adeleye. The February program will celebrate Black History Month (BHM) by amplifying the voices of Black educators within B.C. post-secondary institutions. These shows will capture the lived experiences of our guests while shining a light on their work, programs, and contributions to the B.C. education sector. 

Focusing on both the US and Canadian themes for BHM, the show will offer a specific focus on health, wellness, and the celebration of Black culture as well as a reflection on their current practices and approaches toward anti-racism. 

Our playlists for the month will feature a variety of Black artists. 

Tune in here.


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