Protecting Your Rights

In the spring of 2020, BCcampus launched the Adapting to COVID-19 website: an online repository for students, staff, and faculty that offers support for mental health concerns, financial relief, safety and personal rights, and the pivot to online learning and teaching. This post is the fourth in a series that highlights the many resources and webinars still available on the site. Check out our earlier posts on the topics of Mental HealthOnline Learning and Teaching, and Staying Safe.

Over the past two years, the importance of respecting the rights of the people around us became clearer than ever. Even as restrictions begin to be lifted, respecting everyone’s rights must remain the top priority. Online communities and supports are still available for everyone. You are not alone. Below is a list of resources we have compiled related to protecting your rights. 


Disability Justice

Human Rights


Student Rights

  • Visit Student Rights for a list of resources from many of the post-secondary institutions of B.C. so you can stay informed about changes that may affect you and your institution


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