Bringing BCcampus Full Circle

Today BCcampus is excited to launch a rebrand of our logo and visual identity to better reflect our values of openness, inclusivity, and accessibility. While there is a shift in our appearance, what we provide doesn’t change. We’re still committed to sharing effective, inclusive, and accessible post-secondary teaching and learning practices that enhance the student experience in B.C. 

Post by the BCcampus editorial team

What Changed?

We updated our logo to include a more accessible colour palette, an open-source font with improved legibility, improved spacing and shape of the provincial icon for readability, and a larger wordmark.

Showing the old and new BCcampus logo

We changed our colours to better represent BCcampus at its core:

  • Dark blue represents access, accountability, and quality. It reminds us of our access to sea, sky, and resources and of our dedication to being accountable for the quality of our learning.
  • Turquoise represents respect and openness. Different parts of our ecosystem bring together unique skills to create a blend of blue and green, reminding us of the many parts that work together to build our organization.
  • Orange represents sharing. The warmth of sunshine reminds us we can grow and build better learning experiences for our communities through sharing our warmth and ideas.
BCcampus' new colour palette

Our logo is written in the Noto Sans font. We chose Noto Sans for its open-source license via Google Fonts, allowing anyone on the team to access it and easily install it on their devices. Selecting an open-source font reinforces our organization’s value of openness.


Throughout our website, newsletters, social media, and more, you will start to see two elements emerge: nature and circles.

The natural environment is a unifying element for our province and often how we’re seen from the outside. We wanted to capture the diversity of B.C.’s landscape, from its rocky coastlines and beaches, through its forests and grassy plains, all the way to the mountaintops. We hope every resident recognizes their part of the province in these images.

The circle elements are pulled from our logo’s icon — the province made of circles. We use circles to unify our visuals with a look that’s unique to BCcampus and to bring attention to the elements in the image.  

Teamwork and Collaboration

Like most projects, we completed our rebrand through the hard work and talent of many people. The BCcampus Marketing and Communication team would like to thank Jessica Weber and Jeseye Tanner for their talent and contributions to this project as well as all BCcampus team members for their support and collaboration. Together, we accomplished a huge undertaking!

Notable Quotes:

“The rebranding process was an exciting one. After working with BCcampus visuals for the past five years, I had some ideas for improvements that would make things more unified. The work is going to be even more enjoyable going forward with this fun new look.”

– Jessica Weber, freelance graphic designer

“Working on the rebrand with the team, incorporating inclusive design strategies at each step, was an amazing opportunity and a rewarding learning experience. The new brand identity reflects the thoughtfulness that went into this project. BCcampus content and services are now accessible to, and meet the needs of, a wider range of individuals, and that’s pretty cool.”

– Jeseye Tanner, freelance graphic designer

“In embracing change and redefining our visual identity, BCcampus reaffirms its commitment to openness, inclusivity, and accessibility. Our new logo and colours are more than a fresh look; they’re a reflection of our dedication to enhancing the student and instructor experience and sharing knowledge across British Columbia.”

– Amanda Coolidge, executive director, BCcampus

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