Tell Us What You Think: Join Us in Building BCcampus’ New Strategic Plan

by Amanda Coolidge, executive director, BCcampus

BCcampus plays a critical role in enhancing B.C. public post-secondary education by facilitating and sharing innovative teaching and learning approaches with students and educators. As an organization, we support the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills mandates, and we identify and cultivate sector-wide efficiencies by providing opportunities and mechanisms to enhance collaboration, openness, and transparency. 

At BCcampus we believe in the strength of collaboration. We invite your valuable insights into the future direction of BCcampus, particularly in determining our strategic priorities for the upcoming three-year period (2024–2027).

We have outlined a structured approach comprising various phases to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse perspectives within the British Columbia post-secondary community.

The phases are:

  • Phase 1: Understanding Our Audience and Interest Holders, June 2023 
  • Phase 2: What Is Impacting Post-Secondary Education? Environmental Analysis, June to August 2023 
  • Phase 3: Listening and Learning: Survey Dissemination and Focus Groups, November to December 2023 
  • Phase 4: Identifying Where We Need to Go to Succeed: Gap Analysis, December 2023 to January 2024 
  • Phase 5: Sharing Our Priorities and Initiatives: Draft Strategic Plan Available for Review, January to February 2024 

Participate in Our Survey

We are currently seeking your expertise and unique perspective in Phase 3: Listening and Learning. Tell us what you think by responding to a survey that will take only 10–15 minutes to complete.