BCcampus is contributing to the development of an open future for teaching practices and educational resources. We encourage educators to develop and share educational resources and expertise by promoting open and accessible networks and educational practice models. Wherever possible the use of OER and open applications are encouraged, particularly through our major collaborative project in open textbook adoption, adaptation and creation: the Open Textbook Project.

Formerly Curriculum Services and Applied Research, the Open Education team at BCcampus facilitates the distribution of best practice knowledge, provide professional learning opportunities and communities of practice, and manage a collection of shareable online instructional resources and tools for educators as follows:


An international online community that brings together people interested in educational research. The community’s purpose is to open up dialogue across disciplines, geographical borders, professions, levels of expertise, and educational sectors. SCoPE’s core activity is scheduled monthly seminars facilitated by volunteers. They also host special interest groups and online conferences. [SCoPE]

ETUG (Educational Technology Users Group)

A community of B.C. post-secondary educational practitioners focused on the ways in which learning and teaching can be enhanced through technology. Our community is diverse, composed primarily of post-secondary professional staff, instructors, learners, and academic and technology administrators. ETUG hosts two workshops a year to boost skills development and share new ed-tech information. [ETUG]

BC Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Project

Promotes mental health at colleges and universities. The project creates an online space where mental health workers (counselors, psychologists, emergency preparedness workers, security workers, etc.) from all 25 public post-secondary institutions can discuss events at each institution, share policy development and enhance their reciprocal professional development. [BC Healthy Minds/Healthy Campuses Project]

BC Moodle Users:

A community of practice for individuals interested in learning about, and improving their use of, Moodle. [BC Moodle Users]

Provincial Practical Nursing Program CoP:

A community of practice for B.C. Practical Nursing educators. [Practical Nursing Program CoP]

Online Program Development Fund (OPDF): 

Although this Fund has since transitioned into the Open textbook Project, for ten years it was a mainstay for the development of online, open learning development. OPDF

Shareable Online Learning Repository (SOL*R): 

Educators from B.C.’s colleges and universities can use SOL*R to discover, share, and reuse digital course resources. SOL*R resources are developed through the Online Program Development Fund or by educators who want to share resources with each other. All resources are licensed for free reuse and remixing by any B.C. public post-secondary educator. [SOL*R]