BCcampus provides services to B.C.’s public post-secondary system in unique and effective ways: by pioneering the use of open educational resources, and by using collaborative business models to aggregate demand and maximize each institution’s resources. At BCcampus, our mandate is to explore, design and implement educational technologies and services in partnership with B.C. post secondary institutions.

This year we’ve done something different. Instead of an annual report, we’ve provided a snapshot of our major accomplishments in graphic format, and a look-ahead forecast to future activities that will be needed to support post-secondary education in B.C. This format provides our stakeholders a quick representation of our top accomplishments, facts and figures for the 2013-14 fiscal year, as well as trends they’ll need to consider for next.

BCcampus is going through a transition. We have embarked on a trajectory that will see us focus on new and emerging technologies selected to meet emerging post-secondary needs, like Kaltura streaming video, eTutoring services like WriteAway, competency-based education and training, badging, and open educational resources. Mature, operationalized services can be transferred to other organizations for longer-term operations, allowing BCcampus to keep a focus on innovation.

We have three primary areas of service:

Collaborative services

Includes emerging technologies like Kaltura streaming video, e-tutoring services like WriteAway, competency-based education and training, and (soon) badging systems.

Open Education

Includes our Open Textbooks Project, open pedagogy, open access to research, open licensing, professional learning groups like ETUG and SCOPE, and communities of practice.

Student Data Services.

Includes province-wide application support through ApplyBC, TranscriptsBC, the standards-based mechanism that replaces paper transcripts with electronic versions when official student transcripts are exchanged between participating institutions.

The BCcampus Impact and Forecast Report is not meant to be an exhaustive list of our services, nor a detailed accounting of all our activities (we do submit detailed reports to the Ministry of Advanced Education). Rather, we want to provide a high-level view of the impact BCcampus can have on the B.C. post-secondary landscape now and in the future. For further information, see the rest of our web site, or contact us directly.