The Festival of Learning celebrates the higher education community

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Well, we’ve packed up our festival tent and headed back to our respective institutions, hopefully with lots of fun memories and useful takeaways that will enrich our work in higher education. Throughout the Festival of Learning, we were thrilled to see so many new and familiar faces, and hear your stories of inter-institutional sharing. If you have a story from your time at the festival, please consider sharing… Read more »

The BCcampus Help Desk Secret Service

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From answering IT related questions from students, administrators, and educators, to website maintenance and more – The BCcampus Help Desk team keeps all of our services running smoothly, all-the-while doing it with a cool, calm demeanour and a smile on their faces. This is the sixth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Mary Burgess, Executive Director, Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning team, the Open… Read more »

BCcampus staff spotlight: Mary Burgess, Executive Director

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The stage is set and the curtains are drawn, it’s finally opening day at the Festival of Learning! To help kick off the celebrations, we’d like to share a few things about what makes BCcampus shine, and what better person than our very own Executive Director, Mary Burgess. This is the fifth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning… Read more »

Festival of Learning: Getting ready

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We are less than a week away from welcoming 400+ attendees to the Festival of Learning on June 6-9, 2016. For all of you that are attending, here is a list of items to help you get ready for the Festival. If you are still hoping to join us, there will be a limited amount of passes available on-site while supplies last. Registration Your festival… Read more »

BCcampus makes higher education more accessible across the province with OER

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BCcampus is a strong advocate for creating accessible teaching and learning materials for students and teachers in B.C. Align this with the work that our Open Education team is doing to make higher education more accessible, flexible and affordable for all learners across the province and you’ve got a winning combination. New open educational resources In the fall of 2015, we released 23 newly adopted… Read more »

BCcampus helps students reach their full potential with WriteAway

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Spring 2014, British Columbia Electronic Library Network (BC ELN) reported over 500 students in B.C. were supported during WriteAway’s first year and now we are happy to report that more than 3500 students have used this service. WriteAway is an online collaborative tutoring service which complements in-person assistance through post-secondary institutions and institutes’ writing and learning centres.  It serves those students who are not able to… Read more »

The BC Open Educational Technology Collaborative

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Since the fall of 2015, BCcampus has been supporting the work of the BC Open Educational Technology Collaborative (BCOETC). The BCOETC is a loose-knit, tightly-honed group of educators dedicated to working together to address a common desire of providing open source web-based educational tools to educators. “The BCOETC grew out of the work of the BCNET open education group,” says Clint Lalonde, Manager, Educational Technology,… Read more »

BCcampus walks the talk with Liberating Structures

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We are thrilled to see – and support – the adoption of Liberating Structures among our colleagues in B.C. higher education.  At BCcampus, we are also using Liberating Structures to support conversations, collaboration, and innovation within our organization. Back in 2013, (thanks to Nancy White ) we discovered these powerful approaches to facilitation. Then in early 2015, we supported some of our staff to attend… Read more »

BCcampus Staff Spotlight: EdTech and Collaborative Services

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This week we are highlighting two BCcampus staff members who have quite different jobs on the surface, but their commonalities are part of some of the most important work we do – enable stakeholders. This is the fourth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning team, and the Open Education team. We are really excited to share… Read more »

Supporting the Indigenization of higher education in B.C.

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Starting this spring, BCcampus on behalf of the Ministry of Advanced Education will begin the facilitation of the system-wide Indigenization of Curriculum and Cultural Awareness training project (ICCAT) for post-secondary institutions across British Columbia. The project will support the development of open educational resources that will be accessible to faculty and staff at all post-secondary institutions so that they can be better prepared to meet… Read more »