A Learning Community

We take a systemic approach to enhancing student education in B.C. by evaluating and developing leading practices to improve teaching and learning through technology. Our infrastructure is built on quality, open access and resources, sharing, accountability and respectfulness, and this is clearly demonstrated through the collaborative approach on the projects and programs we support.

Collaborative Programs

BCcampus invites interest from B.C.’s post-secondary institutions with requirements for a collaborative approach to cross-institutional delivery of programs with shared resources and FTEs using an online delivery.  

Applied Business Technology (ABT)

An arrangement between 13 post-secondary institutions in B.C. has provided an online collaborative program that offers a flexible schedule and improved access to Applied Business Technology (ABT) courses, enabling students to earn industry-recognized credentials faster.

As of June 2018, BCcampus will no longer be hosting the ABT collaborative online program. Please check with your home institution for program offerings.


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