Piloting and Testing Educational Technologies

New and innovative approaches to using education technology to improve the learning experience for faculty and students are becoming available at a dizzying pace. Whether these are new products from commercial vendors or interesting open-source applications, it is not practical to adapt or adopt everything in your institution. BCcampus helps institutions make informed decisions about the adoption of education technology through a number of initiatives.

Virtual EdTech demonstrations

We regularly introduce new technologies through our EdTech demonstrations: scheduled virtual sessions where you and members of your institution can learn about applications designed to improve the teaching and learning experience.

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Hands-on experience with EdTech Sandbox Projects

For projects with sufficient interest (at least two institutions, with a maximum of five), we have developed processes and resources to collaboratively test new products and services. The sandbox process is used by our institutional partners to evaluate new education technologies over a six- to nine-month period.

Sharing and communicating is an essential part of our collaborative approach. All participating institutions in an EdTech Sandbox project are required to submit a report that summarizes their experience with the product being tested and evaluated. Our goal is to create a resource that informs other technologists, researchers, faculty, students, and anyone interested in the EdTech activities. The project report is shared publicly with an open license and is available to everyone within the system and around the world.

Visit the project archives page to see previous pilot projects and sandbox testing.