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At BCcampus we are committed to ensuring the work we do is accessible to as many people as possible. As part of that, all videos we publish include closed captions that have been edited to ensure accuracy. We also provide transcripts for video and audio.

This call for proposals is for a provider to create the closed captions and transcripts for the video and audio BCcampus publishes on an as-needed basis.

Background Information

We are looking for a supplier who can build their knowledge, become familiar with the work BCcampus does, and take the time to ensure captions and transcripts are accurate and complete. This includes the accuracy of:

  • Terminology specific to BCcampus and the greater B.C. post-secondary system
  • Words, names, and titles in Indigenous languages

Most of our videos are webinar recordings that are under an hour with one to four main speakers. We also sometimes have shorter educational videos and audio-only recordings that require transcription. Here are some examples:

The amount of captioning/transcription work available per week varies depending on ongoing projects and webinars. As such, our caption/transcription requirements are on an as-needed basis. On average, there are about 2.5 hours of media per week.

Scope of Work

  • Create closed captions for videos according to established captioning guidelines on an as-needed basis to ensure accuracy and readability (average of 2.5 hours of video per week, but this fluctuates).
    • This can be done by creating the caption file from scratch or editing automatically generated captions.
  • Edit and format transcripts to ensure readability and accessibility.
  • Research and/or consult presentation materials and video speakers to ensure the correct spelling of names and terminology.
  • Maintain a style guide for captions and transcripts for BCcampus that documents best practices and style decisions.
  • Communicate with the BCcampus IT Support and Finance teams to ensure smooth and timely operations and regular invoicing.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for:

  • Strong knowledge of English language and grammar
  • Attention to detail
  • Commitment to quality, accuracy, and completeness
  • Responsiveness and reliability

The following are assets but not required:

  • Experience creating and/or editing closed captions and transcripts
  • Experience using Kaltura (the video hosting platform used at BCcampus)
  • Familiarity with the B.C. post-secondary system
  • Familiarity with names of Indigenous nations and lands in B.C.


  • Captioning/transcription on an as-needed basis
  • Start date: September 2022
  • Location: Remote; suppliers in B.C. are preferred

Proposal Expectations

To apply, submit an application to that includes the following information:

  • Cover letter and résumé that outline your experience and suitability for this work
  • Rate
  • Turnaround time
  • Availability over the next six months

Application deadline: August 28, 2022 For more information about the call, or if you anticipate needing accommodations for any part of the application process, please contact