Status: closed

We’re seeking a Lead User Experience Designer and Information Architect (UX/IA) to design high-quality, user-centered software and services that improve teaching and learning experiences in B.C. post-secondary.

Does this sound like a fit?

You are:

  • An experienced UX professional who loves designing tools and interfaces to meet users’ (not managers’) needs
  • An empathetic advocate for diverse audiences
  • A skilled facilitator who distills product requirements from project stakeholders’ goals and users’ hopes and dreams
  • An inquisitive detective who seeks to understand the why that motivates user requests
  • A creative designer who architects universally-accessible interfaces for many platforms
  • An unbiased observer who spots deficiencies and engineers improvements
  • A comfortable communicator who presents findings, designs, and assessments with clarity
  • A collaborative team member who celebrates the diversity of backgrounds, skills, and motivations on cross-functional development teams

BCcampus is:

  • Making post-secondary education more accessible, inclusive, and open to B.C. students
  • Committed to reconciliation, and partners in building support structures and processes to improve Indigenous student experiences in post-secondary
  • Supportive of our family lives: we enjoy a 35-hour work week, regularly work from home, and take five weeks of vacation per year
  • Located in downtown Victoria and Vancouver

The Details