This is the second Call for Reviewers of existing open textbooks as part of the B.C. Open Textbook Project.

In spring 2013, we asked faculty to review existing open textbooks we had on our site at that time. We have now added more open texts, and are looking for additional faculty reviewers for those texts. Where appropriate, we are also looking for those faculty to adopt those texts in their courses.

We would also like to hear from Graduate Student Teaching Assistants interested in writing reviews. An honorarium of $250 will be provided to individuals who review the texts. We would also like to engage those who adopt in an evaluation of that process and will also fund those activities depending on their scope.

The resulting reviews will be published on the BCcampus Open Textbook site and will be publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.


In addition to this Call for Reviewers, we are also launching Phase Two of the project, a Call for Proposals for those wishing to engage in the adaptation of existing open materials for the production of Open Textbooks. In early 2014, we will begin Phase Three with a call for proposals from those who wish to engage in the creation of new open texts.

Review and Selection Process

  • Faculty who would like to review the texts should be teaching in the subject area for the selected text.
  • For each text, we would like to select up to 4 reviews.
  • Should there be more than 4 applications to review a single text, selection will be based on ensuring representation across the B.C. post secondary system, specifically an urban/rural mix, geographic diversity and representation from colleges, institutes, research institutions, and teaching institutions.
  • If there is more than one applicant in a given category, we will move on to random selection.
  • Willingness to adopt the selected open text, should it be of quality, will be taken into account.

Application Process

Faculty interested in reviewing the BCcampus Open Texts should submit an application. If you have any further questions, please email them to

2 Responses to “Call for Further Reviewers”

  1. Sarah Stott

    I’m a graduate TA in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and am interested in reviewing the “Writing for Success” book. What is the timeline for the reviews please?

    • Tori Klassen

      Hi there:
      Thanks for your interest in our Open Textbooks Project. There is no set timeline for reviews; ours is a continual review process for books included in the 40 highest-enrolled subject areas, and posted on the Open Textbooks site. When we put up a new text that we either find in the Commons and adopt, or adapt, or ones we create from scratch, we’ll be looking for reviewers of the text. So that list will continue to grow as we get more texts on the site and reviews of them are completed.
      Please do head over to the OpenEd site and apply to review your chosen text. If you have additional questions, please email

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