There are many places to find open textbooks that have already been developed. The following resources contain existing open texts and other teaching resources that are openly-licensed and free for educators to use and adapt to their own needs. – A collection of existing open textbooks curated by BCcampus and available for reuse and adaptation.

OpenStax College – OpenStax College offers students free textbooks that are peer-reviewed & written by professional content developers.

Open Academics Textbook Catalog – Hosted by the University of Minnesota, this site is a catalog of 150 open textbooks covering Business, Accounting, IT, Economics, Math, Humanities, Law, Math & Statistics, Natural, Physical and Social Sciences.

SOL*R – some B.C.-based projects and resources funded by BCcampus.

Orange Grove Text – Florida’s operational repository project of open source educational materials.

College Open Textbooks – lists open textbooks by subject, many of which have been peer reviewed.

Connexions – Content Commons of free, open-licensed educational materials in fields such as music, electrical engineering and psychology.

Lumen Learning Open Resources – The courses include a complete set of open resources as well as sample assessments, faculty resources, etc.

Merlot– free and open resource designed primarily for higher education.

OER Commons – worldwide learning network of shared teaching and learning materials.

CCCOER – Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources

Free Technology Academy

FLOSS Manuals – free manuals for free software

Free Book Centre – a collection of free books on the web

Global Text – open content electronic textbooks

The Saylor Foundation – a free and open collection of college-level courses.

CK-12 Flexbooks – K-12 open textbooks and resources

Jorum – Open Educational Repository in Support of Computer Science

InTech – World’s largest multidisciplinary open access publisher of books covering the fields of Science, Technology and Medicine.

Boundless – Content for 18 leading college level subjects.

Two resources from Creative Commons (Excel spreadsheets):

Have you found other sources? Share with us in the comments below.