For #FoL18, your focus will be on learning and building productive connections with colleagues from all over B.C. and beyond. To ensure you’re fully prepared for this experience, we’ve taken care to plan a well-balanced schedule, filled with beneficial intellectual, mental, and physical activities as well as structured breaks.

Mind and body

To balance the mental work of #FoL18, we’ve created spaces and planned breaks for you to flex your muscles and re-center yourself. You are invited to join scheduled yoga classes, meditation sessions, and planned outdoor fitness breaks. We’ve worked closely with the hotel to develop a healthy menu to strike the perfect combination of delicious and nutritious.

Go with the flow

We have scheduled yoga classes, led by certified yoga instructors, throughout the three-day event. The classes will showcase a variety of yoga techniques and are suitable for all skill levels.

A few things you might want to know about the scheduled yoga:

  • 30-minute classes in the morning
  • 15-minute classes that fit into the scheduled breaks
  • Classes are first-come, first-serve
  • No special outfits required, just wear whatever you’re comfortable stretching in

Deliberate contemplation

Join us for self-guided or audio-guided meditation sessions to create mindful awareness and expand your consciousness.

Stop and think

We know that conferences and events can feel overwhelming – there’s so much to learn, so many people to connect with, and activities everywhere. Before you know it, the event is over and you’re exhausted.

The solution is to take a moment for yourself, away from the bright lights and busy sounds of the Festival, so we’ve built this into the agenda. Between yoga and meditation sessions, relax and reflect in the Quiet Room – a tranquil, calm, and comfortable space for you to get away and focus on you: actively assessing where you are in the Festival; considering how you will apply what you’ve learned in your own practice; or simply unwinding so you can experience the next session at your full capacity.

Nutritious and delicious

We’ve worked with the Pinnacle Hotel catering team to create a seriously healthy menu for #FoL18, so you can treat yourself to a sumptuous feast.

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