5 Questions with Dr. David Try: His Evolution of Online Learning

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Dr. David Try is an instructor at Northwest Community College and is also its coordinator of business administration. Dr. David Try 1.Can you give us a bit of insight into how your thinking about online learning has evolved?  I first taught an online course in 2005, and was frankly unimpressed with the results. Naively, I thought that online teaching was basically a simple technological expansion… Read more »

A Quick Snapshot of Our Open Textbook Project

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Phase one of our Open Textbook Review Project is underway. Reviews are due by September 3 and will be posted on our site with their associated textbooks. Here are the highlights: 10 new open texts were posted on the BCcampus website. 60 applications were received to review an open textbook. 17 public and three private institutions are represented. An honorarium of $250 will be provided… Read more »

Best of BCcampus blog posts: from MOOCs to smart apps and even smarter people

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Summer provides us all with an opportunity to slow down and catch up with our reading. Our BCcampus editorial team works hard all year to research and publish informative content about the intersection of technology and the post-secondary sector. Over July and August, we’ll be highlighting a series of our best and most interesting posts we’ve published this past academic year. We had fun writing… Read more »

Give and take: how an open copyright policy improves post-secondary institutions

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Cable Green, the director of global learning for Creative Commons, believes that publicly funded education materials should be freely and openly available to everyone. He shared his thinking on Open Educational Resources: Sharing, Open Policy and Creative Commons at the 7th annual Walls Optional conference, which took place at Victoria’s Camosun College in May. When work is either in the public domain, or released under an… Read more »

4 Ways to Grow BC’s Open Educator Community

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Open education—a lofty goal with clear benefits. But if we’re going to get there, we need to find a way to support each other on this journey. Just how to do that was the topic of a recent Education Technology Users Group webinar. These free lunchtime webinars —known as TELLs (Tuesdays with the ETUG Lunch n’ Learn)—occur monthly and are open to the public. May’s TELL session… Read more »

A Busy Productive Spring for the Open Textbook Project

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Of Meetings, Partnerships and Workshops Phase 1 of the Open Textbook Review is underway. Find out what’s next on the horizon for the BCcampus Open Textbook project team: APRIL For two days in early April, BCcampus hosted the Open Textbook Summit at the SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. The summit brought together representatives from around the globe including OpenStax/Connexions and the 20 Million… Read more »

A journey through the land of open education

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Some “open” resources are more open than others, and there are many different ways that word is used in higher education. On May 9, Clint Lalonde, BCcampus Client Service Manager, was invited to speak about Open Education at the annual Tourism Educators Conference.  The Tourism Educators Conference (TEC) is the premier annual conference for tourism and hospitality educators in the province of B.C. TEC 2013 was hosted… Read more »

Review an Open Textbook

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The first phase of the open textbook project kicked off on Monday, April 15th, 2013 with the release of a Call for Proposals looking for BC post-secondary faculty and graduate students to review 10 existing open textbooks. These textbooks align with the top 40 subjects in the province (based on course enrollments). An honorarium of $250 will be provided to individuals who review one of… Read more »

BC Open Textbook Summit Follow-Up

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Congrats to Mary Burgess, Leva Lee, Clint Lalonde and Christy Foote of our BCcampus staff for their stellar organization of the BC Open Textbook Summit that was conducted on April 8 and 9 at the SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue in Vancouver. The summit brought together participants from Alberta, BC, California, DC, Minnesota, Ontario, Rhode Island, South Africa, Texas, Utah and Washington.  All the open… Read more »

Open Textbook project news

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After a call for nominations that resulted in over 40 names being put forward, the BCcampus Strategic Council has chosen 16 representatives to serve on its open textbook sub-committee. The 16 members (and 2 co-chairs) are listed on the Open Textbook project pages. This project is a high priority, and is on a fast track. Committee members have wasted no time and met in Vancouver… Read more »