Testing software in BCcampus’ digital sandbox

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sandbox with toys

BCcampus’ sandbox is like a test kitchen for technology. You get to play around with ingredients and a recipe (software application) before you decide whether to put it on your menu (curriculum). The sandbox helps you make informed decisions. Let’s say there’s an open source software application that you’ve been thinking about using in your classroom or at your institution. (The Canvas learning management system might… Read more »

Collaborative Educational Services Update

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We’re in the process of adopting the name Collaborative Educational Services to be inclusive of both educational technology shared services (e.g., Moodle) as well as collaborative programs (e.g., Applied Business Technology) and services (e.g. eTutoring). (Note: we currently refer to these areas as Collaborative Programs and Shared Services.) This note is concerned specifically with the educational technology shared service area though – BCcampus now has 13 collaborative… Read more »

Two New Apps to try in BCcampus Sandbox Environment

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We’ve added two new apps to our BCcampus Sandbox Environment as part of our effort to support exploration into new technologies and potential new shared services for the B.C. system. The first is Etherpad. Etherpad is a collaborative document authoring platform. It was purchased a few years back (and subsequently open sourced) by Google, and some of the patterns of use it supports eventually showed up in… Read more »

Won’t you come play in the Sandbox with us?

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A few years back we received a request to set up a “Sandbox server” for educational technology types in BC. The idea was to create a space for innovation and experimentation, someplace where our system partners could try out new educational technologies with ideally less hassle in getting them installed if they did it themselves, and ideally in a way that helped identify potential synergies… Read more »