Live Chat update

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After several months of using Live Chat, a feature available through the CustomFAQ system used by the helpdesk, we have decided to discontinue it as this chat system was not robust enough to fulfill our needs. We are currently exploring other chat products to replace it.

Online Student Services Forum 2011

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On June 7th, BCcampus will be facilitating a one-day forum of presentations and discussions on online BC student service tools and needs at BC’s post-secondary institutions. The purpose of this forum is to share knowledge and identify possible initiatives that could result in better support services for students over the coming years. Participants will have the opportunity to describe their visions for future potential services…. Read more »

MyCreditsBC beta tool is ready

Posted by & filed under Student Services and Data Exchange. will provide a mechanism for BC post-secondary students to easily retrieve unofficial course transcripts from institutions they have attended, and then determine course-by-course transferability options to other BC post-secondary institutions, based on Transfer Agreements maintained by the BC Council of Admissions & Transfer. “This is a very unique website – one of the first I have seen of this type. I like the way… Read more »

PASBC to become ApplyBC in June

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It’s official. In June, the Post-Secondary Application Service of BC, fondly known as PASBC, will undergo a name change to simply “ApplyBC.” The name change, which has been under discussion for several years and has received widespread support, was endorsed during the January PASBC Steering Committee meeting. The switch is expected to take place in June, when the service is next updated. We’ve commenced design… Read more »

More on Transcript Exchange service lift-off

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Great news from our institutional transcript exchange implementer, Dean Hiebert: “I am pleased to announce that on Dec 14th, 2010, at precisely 12 PM, the first production XML transcript navigated through the BC campus system from Douglas to Kwantlen. The acknowledgement was immediately generated and gracefully passed back to Douglas College, making the entire transaction complete at 12:01 precisely. We have lift-off!” This is a… Read more »

How users are getting to our student services portal

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Most of the traffic to our BC student services portal is from users planning to apply to one of BC’s post-secondary institutions (PSIs). We recently reviewed Google Analytics (GA) reports for the purpose of determining how users get to these services. Of the nearly 900,000 portal visits during the past year, visits were evenly spilt between directly entering the service URL (primarily and those… Read more »