Opening a Discussion on Adaptive Learning

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BCcampus’ Michelle Glubke has created an interesting article to generate discussion to determine if adaptive learning technologies can help overcome existing challenges or improve the educational environment for local institutions. In supporting the British Columbia post-secondary system, BCcampus explores innovative pedagogical solutions when a challenge is presented to us through a process referred to as ‘challenge-driven innovation’. One such innovation involves personalized learning. Since 2012, BCcampus… Read more »

Prototyping a national survey

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At BCcampus we are often asked how British Columbia higher education stacks up against other Canadian provinces for the management of online learning. We have some data on the number of courses offered online and at a distance, as well as data on the kinds of online systems that our institutions are using. But to date, there has not been a national survey in Canada… Read more »

State of Online Address

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BCcampus is a member of the WICHE Cooperative for Education Technology (WCET). WCET’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of effective practices, advancing excellence in technology-enhanced teaching and learning in higher education. We like WCET as it is one of the few organizations that really brings together consortia based organizations like BCcampus from across North America. Attending their annual gathering and conference gives us a chance… Read more »

Renewing our Strategic Direction

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Like all technology-based organizations, BCcampus needs to review and renew its strategy on a regular basis. This year we are embarking on that process in January 2011 with a view to refining our programmatic directions for 2011 through 2014. Our current strategic plan for 2010-2012 states our mission clearly: Connect the expertise, programs, and resources of all BC post-secondary institutions under a collaborative service delivery… Read more »

Predictions and hopes for elearning in 2011

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Our colleagues at the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technologies (WCET) have just put up a new blog post that lists 22 predictions and 14 hopes for elearning in 2011. The predictions and hopes are based upon a challenge that was sent out through the WCET network earlier this week. To quote Russell Poulin, Deputy Director, Research and Analysis at WCET: “I thought it might be… Read more »