BCcampus is seeking volunteers from the BC post-secondary community to join the 2018 Festival of Learning program committee.

The program committee will be responsible for providing leadership for the creation of the program and schedule for the 2018 Festival of Learning, which will be held May 28-30, 2018 in Vancouver BC.  More details are available below, in the terms of reference for this committee.

Submission Information

Submissions are now closed.


  • Call for Volunteers:   Open 19  May 2017
  • Submissions Deadline:   Submissions are now closed
  • Acceptance Notification:   30 June  2017

Questions?  Please contact tracy@bccampus.ca.

Terms of Reference:  2018 Festival of Learning Program Committee

This is an ad hoc (special project) committee, which exists for the purpose of developing the program and schedule for the 2018 Festival of Learning. This committee will be disbanded once the event is over and close-out activities (e.g., survey) leading to the final report are complete.  

Program Committee members can expect to spend approximately 25 – 40 hours on committee work in the year leading up to the event (June 2016 – May 2017). As a gesture of appreciation, program committee members will be offered a complimentary three-day pass to the Festival of Learning (over $500 value).

Purpose & Deliverables

The purpose of this committee is to provide leadership and support for the creation of the program and schedule for the 2018 Festival of Learning.

Working within the event project timeline, and with support and guidance from the BCcampus team, this program committee will:

  • Provide ideas, recommendations, and feedback on key elements of the event program design, including
    • Event theme(s) that include these broad topics : Teaching &  Learning (e.g., learning design, promising pedagogies,  faculty development, scholarly inquiry), Open Education (open pedagogy, open research practices, open educational resources), Educational Technology (e.g., digital pedagogies, new tools for supporting learning)
    • Keynote speaker(s)
  • Develop the Festival of Learning Call for Proposals
    • Participate in writing the Call for Proposals invitation (e.g., provide suggestions for presentation formats and length of sessions)
    • Develop criteria for assessing proposals  (note: this criteria will be published on the Festival website to guide proposal submitters)
  • Work together to adjudicate all proposals submitted by prospective presenters
  • Liaise with Event Lead and Logistics Lead to develop a program that meets the needs of presenters, participants and the space and time available


The work of this committee is focussed on the development of the program for the 2018 Festival of Learning.  Other aspects of organizing the event (e.g., logistics, sponsorship, budget, registration, social events, etc.) is outside the scope of this group’s work.


The decision making authority of the committee is as follows: (decides, approves, recommends, etc.)

  • Decides which presenter proposals will be accepted and included in the program
  • Recommends keynote speakers
  • Recommends program streams/themes
  • Recommends/requests items (e.g., rental or purchase of equipment or materials) for the purposes of hosting this event successfully
  • Approves final draft of program schedule for distribution


This committee consists of a Chair (or co-Chairs) and up to 7 members. Members will represent a range of relevant interests, expertise, roles, and affiliations across the B.C. post-secondary sector.  Membership, including appointment of chair and co-chair will be done by the BCcampus event leadership team with final approval by the Executive Director, BCcampus.

Meeting arrangements

Meetings will be held online (via Skype, BlueJeans, Blackboard Collaborate, or similar), and will be determined by need.  Volunteers for this committee should expect 1-2 meetings per month on average, with fewer early in the process, and more leading up to key program committee deadlines (e.g., Call for Proposals, Proposal submission deadline, deadline for finalizing the schedule, etc.).  

Resources and budget

BCcampus will provide online meeting space for the purposes of conducting Program Committee meetings. There are no funds, budget, or budget approval associated with this committee.


Have any questions about the Festival of Learning 2018? Please contact us! For updates about the Festival of Learning 2018, please follow @BCcampus on Twitter and sign up for the BCcampus newsletter.


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