SCoPE out the Best Pro-D Resource

SCoPE out the Best Pro-D Resources Around! Mingle with your colleagues from around the world!

SCoPE is an international online community that offers educators extensive professional development seminars, programs and resources and online space. Using SCoPE, members can engage in dialogue across disciplines, professions and geographical borders.

“One of the most appealing aspects of SCoPE is that everything is free and open to the public,” said Sylvia Currie, SCoPE Community Coordinator. “There is no registration or log in requirement to participate in the discussions, workshops, seminars, group reading series or web conferences taking place within the community. It’s easy for busy professionals to pop in and out of discussions.”

With a broad mandate, flexible tools, and an open mind about how to proceed, the members of SCoPE have shaped their online community into a vibrant meeting place for dialogue, collaboration, and sharing.

“All topics and SCoPE activities come from ideas suggested by members,” says Currie. “Recent seminar discussions, a core activity in SCoPE, have focused on topics such as Digital Identity, The Art of Teaching, and E-research Techniques.”

Currently, SCoPE has approximately 2,900 members at large, from over 65 countries around the globe. Discussions are facilitated by volunteers who are experts in a particular area. Members are encouraged to get involved by:

  • Facilitating a SCoPE seminar
  • Starting a Special Interest Group
  • Using SCoPE for community research
  • Proposing a collaborative event
  • Sharing ideas for sustaining SCoPE

For more information on SCoPE, please contact Sylvia Currie.

Sylvia Currie

Acting Director, Professional Development
scurrie [at] bccampus [dot] ca