Connect. Collaborate. Innovate. Blog!

BCcampus’ mandate is to “connect, collaborate and innovate.” This blog is a further step on our journey to fulfilling our mandate.

Since we started in 2002 we have developed a diverse set of services and projects with different audiences within 25 B.C. post-secondary institutions (PSIs).  In the past year and a half we have restructured BCcampus to reflect a more client-centred focus, we have created a new visual identity and we have launched a new external web site to reflect and accommodate our shift in focus.

But having a new web site is a first step. If BCcampus welcomes collaboration, shares information freely and actively engages our stakeholders in ongoing conversations about BCcampus’ strategic direction, then we have to have a more dynamic forum for doing it.

That’s why we now have this blog. Through it we hope to give you a timely, approachable, insider’s view of our projects, our products and our accomplishments. We’ve also made better use of our corporate wiki: through it we provide more detailed workings of our services for those of our stakeholders with a particular interest. (Currently our wiki has spaces for PASBC, Transcript Exchange pilot project and Shared Services.)

We welcome your comments and your input. By all means hit that “Subscribe via RSS” button and get the latest delivered to your newsreader or your inbox.