Update on system changes: D2L upgraded and Collaborative Sites launched

Last week, BCcampus successfully upgraded the Desire2Learn (D2L) shared service from version 8 to 9.1. The upgrade provides numerous enhancements and fixes to almost every area of the learning environment. The improvements will be a benefit to course developers, instructors and students without requiring a lot of re-learning or changing the way the application functions.

Single Sign-On (SSO):

One of the major behind-the-scenes changes to D2L version 9.x was the way that single sign-on is handled. A new SSO application programming interface (API) has been introduced in D2L 9.x. BCcampus uses the SSO to integrate D2L with our student services portal. The new SSO is more standardized and will have less impact on future versions than the current custom SSO. The BCcampus development team is currently working with Desire2Learn technical staff to implement the new SSO.

D2L Administrator Training:

BCcampus hosted training for D2L Administrators in the Victoria office on April 13. The session provided an overview and hands-on training that covered all the new and updated features in version 9.1 of the Desire2Learn Learning Environment. The all-day event was well received by attendees from NWCC, BCIT, NLC and Camosun College.

Collaborative web sites:

New web sites for BCcampus-supported Collaborative Programs were launched last week.

BCcampus promotes collaboration between two or more institutions who consolidate courses and offer them as one program; meaning a student can take courses from a number of institutions all leading to one credential. We currently have three programs offered under the Collaborative Program model, with more on the way.

The current programs (and their new web sites) are: