BCcampus Staff Spotlight: EdTech and Collaborative Services

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This week we are highlighting two BCcampus staff members who have quite different jobs on the surface, but their commonalities are part of some of the most important work we do – enable stakeholders. This is the fourth installment in the staff highlight series, following in the footsteps of Denise Goudy, Director, BCcampus, the Professional Learning team, and the Open Education team. We are really excited to share… Read more »

5 Questions with Sybil Harrison on the changing role of teaching and learning centres

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For this week’s blog post, BCcampus caught up with Sybil Harrison, the Director of Learning Services at Camosun’s College Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CETL). According to the college’s website, CETL “aims to inspire and promote innovation and excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.” And, we were curious to find out how. 1. Can you tell us more about your role… Read more »

Testing software in BCcampus’ digital sandbox

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sandbox with toys

BCcampus’ sandbox is like a test kitchen for technology. You get to play around with ingredients and a recipe (software application) before you decide whether to put it on your menu (curriculum). The sandbox helps you make informed decisions. Let’s say there’s an open source software application that you’ve been thinking about using in your classroom or at your institution. (The Canvas learning management system might… Read more »

Top 8 facts about our Professional Cook Gap Training pilot program

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Here’s the scenario: you’ve been a cook for years and you want a better job, but you’re not Red Seal certified, so where do you start? Take time off work to go back to school and start from scratch? That seems like a waste of time, because obviously you have some skills and experience already. You’d like to brush up on a few things to… Read more »

ChemWiki and the UC Davis STEMWiki Hyperlibrary: Top 12 Things You Need to Know

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Businesswoman drawing on wall

Professor Larsen at the University of California at Davis started the ChemWiki in 2008 on a shoestring. “ChemWiki is not a textbook,” says Larsen, “it is a textbook environment capable of supporting multiple chemistry textbooks within a centralized system.” Recently, ChemWiki received a grant of $250,000 from the National Science Foundation to a consortium that includes Sonoma State University, Diablo Valley College, Contra Costa Community… Read more »

BCcampus and BCNet agree to transfer Blackboard Collaborate shared service

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First there was a Memorandum of Understanding, now there is a master agreement between BCNET and Blackboard Collaborate. For the past several months, BCcampus has been working in partnership with BCNET to transition learning and technology licensing agreements to BCNET. The 2014-2015 Blackboard Collaborate Master Agreement is the first of these agreements that will be transitioned to BCNET. “This agreement is an administrative transfer,” said… Read more »

Wrangling videos in one location just got a lot easier with Kaltura

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Imagine being able to gather video assets – lectures, presentations, seminars, and homework assignments – in one location so users can upload, view and share them easily. BCcampus has been working to facilitate a collaboration with interested post secondary institutions for Kaltura, a leading video enterprise platform that does just that and more. After an extensive pilot and evaluation phase, BCcampus expects to offer Kaltura… Read more »

BCcampus Partner Spotlight: Osler Systems

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Setting up a doctor’s appointment. Visiting a clinic. Getting a lab test. Each time we use the health care system in British Columbia, our records are updated and services are billed. Most of these tasks are accomplished in a paperless environment, using electronic medical record (EMR) software. This technology has been around since the 1980s, and now forms the backbone of 80% of provincial medical… Read more »

Beyond Textbooks: How Remote Science Labs are Capitalizing on the “Whoa” Moment of Discovery for Students

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Remote science labs offer students the opportunity to perform scientific experiments and test legitimate hypotheses using top-of-the-line, high-powered, modern instruments that are, typically, only available in privately-funded research facilities. At the end of February, BCcampus brought together the top thinkers, innovators and instructors directly involved with both NANSLO and RWSL for a series of information-sharing and planning sessions. Faculty and staff from Thompson Rivers University… Read more »

BCcampus Partner Spotlight: Lambda Solutions

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While BCcampus is known for innovation in connecting British Columbia’s post-secondary institutions, we can’t do it all alone. Rather, we’ve incorporated a very smart business idea: the concept of shared services. Shevy Levy That means we collaborate with other institutions and vendor partners to bring students and educators the latest in technological innovations aimed at higher learning. By putting our heads together and sharing our… Read more »