Staffing Changes at BCcampus

Time for a brief update on some staffing changes happening at BCcampus this summer that took effect at the beginning of August and continue until March 31, 2012.

Paul Stacey will be taking on additional external consulting duties on behalf of BCcampus, so we’ve had to devolve his responsibilities to others and restructure the management team somewhat. As a result, Sylvia Currie and Tori Klassen have new (temporary) positions with BCcampus.

Sylvia will be Acting Director of Professional Learning.

Tori is the new Acting Director of Marketing, Communications and Stakeholder Relations.

Paul will remain as Director of Curriculum Development, and will be focused primarily on the Next Generation Learning Challenges Grant project (NANSLO), OPDF, and consulting services outside of British Columbia. He will working with BCcampus half time through March 31, 2012.

We’ll have more to say in the coming weeks about Paul’s new endeavours. For now I can say BCcampus is pleased to be able to share our innovative practices with others wanting to emulate our success in other jurisdictions beyond British Columbia.

Congratulations also to Tori and Sylvia in their new roles. Their professionalism, skills and rapport with our stakeholders made each a natural choice to step in and take over some of Paul’s duties while he takes on additional challenges on behalf of BCcampus.