BC Open Open Education Chat

You are invited to join Will Engle and Brian Lamb on their first BC Open Open Education chat, a monthly series of online discussions on the state and progress of open education in the province, on Friday, Aug 23 at 11am. Will and Brian will share some quick updates from their respective institutions, and will invite participants to do the same. On this inaugural Open Chat, we will also be joined by Ashok Mathur and Alan Levine to discuss the “Arts and Reconciliation MOOC” (http://rmooc.ca) and Clint Lalonde will offer a brief update on Open Textbooks.
The Open Open chats are intended to be informal and fun, and we welcome anyone to join us.
To join the conversation, go to http://etug.bigbluebutton.org/
Username: First Name + Last Name @ Institution
Password: welcome
For more information, visit the UBC Wiki.