Mirror, Mirror: BCcampus Reflects the Best in B.C. Edu-tech

If you want to be interesting, be interested in others. That’s been our vision for the BCcampus web site for the past year or so.

mirrorWe’ve always known that our partners and stakeholders are the ones who deliver “the goods” in B.C.’s higher education system. We’re here to help you do it in the most innovative ways. We’re curious about what you’re doing, interested in what works and finding out how we can help share your successes.

This marks our 75th post for 2013. Our editorial team has been working hard to provide you with interesting, informative and timely information. Whether it’s how to use Moodle to its best advantage, make ApplyBC look and behave like it’s on your own online registration site, participate in online tutoring, adapt an open textbook, or use mobile technology and social apps to enhance learning, our objective is to give you a space to share the best of what you do. We’re always on the lookout for stories for our editorial calendar. So, don’t be shy and let us know if you have a topic or theme you’d like us to cover.

Our strategy seems to be working. We wanted to increase our readership by 10 per cent in a year and we’re so close to reaching out goal. Our page views have increased by 9.83% overall. The increase has been especially noticeable during the summer. Contrary to popular belief not everyone disappears in July and August!. And, we’re delighted to have increased our subscribers over the same time period.

We have found the most effective way to get the word out about our great content is our newsletter. We have 400 recipients on our newsletter mailing list – a number that has also grown by about 10 per cent a year. A higher-than-normal portion of you click and read our newsletter content, and we’re happy you’re finding information that’s relevant to you.

When you answer an email or take a call from one of our editorial team members, you are reaching an average of 4,300 visitors per month – an audience of your peers. Our readers and subscribers are instructional designers, vice-presidents academic, information technology directors, faculty members, librarians, researchers. They are mostly from B.C., but also from people interested in educational technology from all over the world.

So thank you, past and future BCcampus collaborators, for providing the very best of content about open and online technology in education.